I would love to explore the action genre more: 'Special Ops' actor Muzamil Ibrahim is on cloud nine post the show's success

Actor Muzamil Ibrahim is on cloud nine as his web series Special Ops has been received really well. The actor says that while the series must have got more eyeballs since people are at home, it is also well made which is why people are watching it. “The response has been great. This is the first time I’m a part of something which is such a big hit and it feels great. Everyone who hasn’t called or messaged me from years has called and congratulated me on its success and how well my character was received. Yes, it is unfortunate that we are all at home and maybe because of the current circumstances, the series has got a lot of attention but if it wasn’t well made, no one would have seen it. There are other ones too but everyone appreciating ours more,” he says.

He adds, “I’m thankful that I stood out in whatever capacity possible. People have been very kind and I’m thankful for their strong reception of me and my character. I would love to explore the action genre more.”


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Many people have commented that the actor should have got more screen time. Talking about this, he says, “Well, I just wanted to work with Neeraj Sir and Shivam Sir. Whatever they thought fit and most suitable for me, they did. I followed them blindly. I have no regrets and thank them for presenting me in such a strong manner that I stood out in the limited time I was on screen. I’m grateful to them.”

He has been getting a lot of compliments. “The best compliment I got was that a girl watched the 6th episode 50 times over because it had more of me. And that if the makers only showed me driving a car for 8 hrs nonstop, everyone would still watch it!” he says.

The actor is on the lookout for more interesting work. “I’m in talks with films as well as other web series, whatever materialises and is worth doing, I’ll do. There are a few interesting things in the development but everything’s on hold for now because of the current situation,” he says.

(Source: IANS)