Ruslaan Review: Aayush Sharma fires bullets of entertainment, Sushrii Mishra makes a confident debut

Film: Ruslaan

Cast: Aayush Sharma, Sushrii Mishraa, Jagapathi Babu, Vidya Malavade

Director: Karan Butani

Rating: 3.5 Moons

Aayush Sharma might be two old films, but he's emerging as the new-age action star. His latest project, Ruslaan, is proof. Sushrii Mishraa makes her acting debut with the action-thriller directed by Karan Butani. Ruslaan releases in theatres today.

Ruslaan begins with the backstory of a young boy losing his parents to terrorist activity and how his life changes when an ATS Chief (Jagapathi Babu) adopts him. Ruslaan (Aayush Sharma), now an adult, inclines music and teaches the subject at a college. However, there's more to him. He's an undercover intelligence agent working under Mantra (Vidya Malavade). He often lands in trouble for his impulsive behaviour. Vaani (Sushrii Mishraa) joins him in the mission to hunt down the terrorists who are planning a major activity in Mumbai.

Karan Butani does a commendable job with Ruslaan. The film has the right amount of drama, action, music, suspense, and romance. The director has established his characters with a strong emotional core and a backstory that doesn't fade with the story's timeline. He senses the audience's pulse and serves a film loaded with dialogue-baazi, deshbhakti and more tried and tested formulaic angles. 

Ruslaan's action choreography is one of the key highlights. Giving the narrative an edgy twist, the high-octane stunts are worth appreciating. The film has less of dull moments and that's because of the pulsating action and busy screenplay. With Ruslaan, director Karan fires multiple bullets of entertainment without throwing the audience out of the film's universe. 

Aayush Sharma owns Ruslaan with his slick action moves. He shows the promise of being the next action star in tinsel town. While he nails the stunts, the actor excels in emotional portions too. His charm has the power to light up the screen. Sushrii makes a confident debut with Ruslaan as Vaani. She gets to perform some incredible action stunts and the actress does it brilliantly. Jagapathi Babu does his job well. He adds energy and charisma to the film. Vidya Malavade shines as Mantra.

Ruslaan is thrilling, unique and dramatic. If action and drama are your genres, you shouldn't be missing out on this film!