Broken But Beautiful Review: Vikrant Massey’s and Harleen Sethi’s web series will make you believe in second chances

Show: Broken But Beautiful 

Director: Harsh Dedhia

Cast: Vikrant Massey, Harleen Sethi, Gaurav Arora, Jitin Gulati

OTT: AltBalaji, ZEE5

After the success of Alt Balaji’s Broken But Beautiful season 1, the makers have dropped season 2 of the show. And like the last season, this season too is full of love, romance, heartbreaks and realties surrounding relationships. Directed by Harsh Dedhia and produced by Ekta Kapoor the show will take you on a roller coaster ride of heartbreaks, till you find the perfect one whom you can call ‘forever’.

We all have loved and lost and tried to find love again. Once our heart is broken it takes time to mend but as they say, it takes a broken heart to move past emotions of hurt. In season 2 of Broken…But Beautiful, Veer(Vikrant Massey) and Sameera (Harleen Sethi) have moved on in their lives, but are unknowingly carrying a piece of invisible baggage of their past.

Just when Veer and Sameera thought that they are in a blissful phase of their lives, having moved on with Debbie (played by Anuja Joshi) and Ahan (played by Gaurav Arora) respectively, life brings them face to face yet again. We all learn from our past relationships and so has Sameera who has become more like her ex- Kartik (Jitin Gulati) and believes only in casual dating and no strings attached relationships. She now has commitment issues and is scared to give in to people’s emotions inadvertently hurting her in the process.

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On the other hand, Veer has become like Sameera, a complete contrast to his original self, somewhere trying to make-up for his past mistakes. Realizing that he didn’t do enough in his previous relationship, he goes over the top in his love, emotion, and affection towards his current partner Debbie.

In this chaotic pool of emotions Veer and Sameera cheat their respective partners for each other leading to a mental chaos. Trying their best to fall for each other, they fall apart. A lot remains unsaid between the two, in this journey of healing, picking up right from where they left, Broken…But Beautiful is all about believing in love and sends out the message that you come across several wrong ones until you finally get the right one.

Can one love truly again, without letting go of the baggage of their past?... Will both Veer and Sameera still reel in the effects of yesterday, unknowingly holding onto their pain? What will happen when these two souls find out that despite giving themselves the time and space, their broken hearts are still not healed? Will they be able to leave the baggage of their past behind and move on for real? The brand new season will answer all these questions and bring a few more moments of emotions, love, and healing, making your heart all warm and fuzzy.

Harleen Sethi has done complete justice to the role as she is someone we would all relate to. Her Sameera in season 2 has evolved. The first season saw Sameera as the psycho ex, running behind her boyfriend Kartik (Jitin Gulati). In the second season, we see a strong-headed girl, loving herself rather than falling for a man to find her own identity.

Vikrant Massey is simply flawless, he moves you with every scene. He makes you believe in love and every urban millennial couple will understand the turmoil they go through. Gaurav Arora as Arhaan Sameera’s boyfriend is like any other guy in a relationship. Anuja Joshi as Debbie is sweet and does a fair job keeping to the limited role that she has. Jitin Gulati as Kartik is indeed a lesson most girls would want in their life, to live free. Talking about his acting, he makes you believe in friendships and letting go.

While the rest of the supporting cast has done utmost justice to their characters. With a gripping storyline and screenplay, the original sound-tracks of the show are like a cherry on the cake, each number perfectly blends with the situation depicting the feeling of love, hope, affection, and togetherness. Songs like O Saajna a soulful contemporary pop number crooned, composed and written by Akhil Sachdeva. Boreya - another pop track, sung by the spunky Anusha Mani and composed by Sandman of the Fittrat fame. The third original track, a love ballad, Teri Hogayiaan is sung, composed and penned by the popular singer Vishal Mishra weaves magic and will moist your eyes. The fourth romantic song, Shaamein has been crooned by Armaan Mallik and composed by Amaal Mallik is magical and goes with Veer and Sameera’s love story.


Set in Mumbai the urban love story of Veer and Sameera is relatable. Broken But Beautiful is not what is shown in Bollywood films, it has no unreal expectations, no unreal drama and together forever ever after commitments. It has real emotions, messed up souls, humans that make errors and the valuable lesson that love takes time. The show isn’t preachy, but as the screenplay moves ahead you realize what you want in your life. Love is subjective for everyone, moderate for some, over the top for another. Broken but beautiful justifies the beauty in you, even if you are broken.

Ekta Kapoor weaves magic yet again and we fell in love with the magic of love and hope. Binge watch the show if you need reassurance on love. gives 3.5 moons

(Source: PeepingMoon)