A film that carries a narrative that's far from accurate: Gucci family slams Lady Gaga's ‘House of Gucci’ with a fuming statement


Looks like Ridley Scott’s recently released House of Gucci starring Lady Gaga, Adam Driver, Jared Leto, Al Pacino, Jeremy Irons and Salma Hayek did not sit well with the OG Gucci clan. The heirs to the Italian luxury house’s chairman Aldo Gucci, have released a scathing statement expressing disapproval and disappointment.

In a statement obtained by Variety, the family members stated that “The production of the film did not bother to consult the heirs before describing Aldo Gucci, president of the company for 30 years, and the members of the Gucci family as thugs, ignorant and insensitive to the world around them.” Although being based on a true story, the family stated that the film “carries a narrative that is far from accurate.” They also said that the family’s portrayal in the film is an insult to the legacy on which the Italian fashion house was built.

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Talking about Maurizo Gucci’s ex-wife Patrizia Reggiani played by Lady Gaga, the members stated that she is “painted not only in the film, but also in statements made by the cast members, as a victim who was trying to survive in a masculine and macho corporate culture,” thus contradicting the fact that Gucci had always been inclusive and enabling several women held top positions in the 1980s, the year in which the film is based.

Concluding their statement, the members stated that, “Gucci is a family that lives honoring the work of its ancestors, whose memory does not deserve to be disturbed to stage a film that is not true and that does not do justice to its protagonists. The members of the Gucci family reserve every right to protect the name, image and dignity of their loved ones.”

The House of Gucci is based on the real-life events leading to the death of Maurizo Gucci, staged by his ex-wife Patrizia Reggiani in 1995. Patrizia served 16 years of prison for her crime. The film is successfully running in theaters overseas.

(Source- WWD)