Exercise, avoid stress and give up sugar: Sonam Kapoor Ahuja on her struggles and tips about living with PCOD; watch


Apart from being a social influencer and a true-blue fashionista, actress Sonam Kapoor Ahuja is also a wellness aficionado who promotes yoga and other forms of fitness exercises. In her latest Instagram segment, Storytime with Sonam, the actress made a revelation of suffering from Polycystic Ovary Syndrome for seven years but now is ‘in a good place.’

PCOS or PCOD, is a very common condition amongst women with different ailments, symptoms and struggles. “It has been a bane of my existence,” Sonam said. Over the years, Sonam has consulted a lot of doctors and nutritionists to get help deal with her condition and after years of trying several diets, workouts and routines she seemed to have finally figured it out. Giving a disclaimer to fans to check with their doctors first, Sonam shared few tips to manage PCOS.


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The first tip that Sonam shared was exercise. Mentioning that she walks least 10,000 steps a day now, Sonam urged her fans to take up walking as a simple form of exercise. She also advocated for yoga as one of the best all-round exercises. PCOS can be aggravated with any kind of stress and yoga involves meditation and breathing that helps in reducing stress.

Another thing that the actress asked to was to avoid refined sugar completely. “Refined sugar is a poison that you can put in your body,” she said. Sonam admitted having a sweet tooth back then but now have given up sugar completely. She suggested fruits like apples and oranges that bear natural sugar as a good alternative.

We are sure many girls suffering from this syndrome would find this segment helpful. Women supporting women all the way!

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