Wanting to be an army officer, first role, being jobless and more; Here are the lesser known facts about Divyanka Tripathi


Television actress Divyanka Tripathi's life has been an incredible journey. Her story is of a small town girl who accidentally landed in the city of dreams and reached to the top. But the real story lies in between these two extremes. Currently, the television actress with the most following on social networking sites is your quintessential girl-next-door, effervescent, intellectual and is living her life to the fullest.

She recently worked on a social media campaign for a popular brand and admittedly it was a trip down the memory lane for her. Revisiting her memories, here we have listed down seven LESSER KNOWN details of her life after a quick chat with her. Check it out.

Divyanka wanted to be an army officer!

"I never wanted to be an actress. I wanted to be an army officer. I was good at NCC, I was told I was the best cadet. This designation was given to me when I was involved in Republic Day Camps in school. I was a very good rifle shooter, I don't get to practice much now, I think I can still shoot."

While so far it all seems good, here's how it all changed. She said, "I participated in a reality show and after my performance; I got a call for an audition which was the beginning of it all."

Divyanka travelled in a bus from Bhopal to Mumbai

"I belong to a middle class family. We had never travelled in a plane. It took me convincing my parents to let me go for auditions and then my dad and I would travel back and forth from Bhopal to Mumbai by bus. Now, when I look back it was all worth it."

Divyanka gave up civil services exams for her first acting stint

"After I bagged the title role in Banu Main Teri Dulhan, I thought it will run for mere six months so I thought I'll come back and complete my UPSC studies, I'll still sit for these SSB (Services Selectio Board) examinations for the Army, that did not happen as the show ran for 3 years."

Divyanka was jobless after her first show, also depressed

"BMTD ran successfully. But after the show, I was out of work for a really long time. That was a tough phase. After you taste the highs and the perks you're suddenly pushed to the ground. I would get depressing thoughts. Nobody was giving me work as Vidya from the show, the character I played became too famous. They said everybody knows Vidya so you cannot play anything else."

Divyanka did not find acceptance

"It was a tough phase and I had to make the right choices. I would have to read a 3 page script for a 3 minute audition. Gave a plenty of them and repeated the same the next day. This went on for a long time. Then I did a comedy show just to have a change of flavor so that people can see me in a different light. After the comedy show, they said she is a comic face, so we cannot take it."

Divyanka's life turned around with Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

"The biggest turnaround in my life came when Yeh Hai Mohabbatein was offered to me. It was a really long wait. The struggle was real but when it happened everything made sense, the feeling was surreal. It was only possible because my parents kept me motivated, I had faith in my talent. And look where it has brought me today. The journey has been amazing."


"Without a doubt, the final moment happened and life changed when I married Vivek, my best-friend, companion and a partner who came in my life and fit like a puzzle."