Thanks, Catherine Zeta Jones we are falling in love with India again!


The stunner, husband Michael Douglas and their beautiful children are giving us vacation goals

Trust our friendly foreigner friends to show us how we take our home-found treasures for granted… Catherina Zeta-Jones, along with Michael Douglas, daughter Carys Zeta Douglas and son Dylan Douglas were in Delhi for their ‘dream’ India vacation. Turns out, Catherine is a huge lover of India and has been dreaming about travelling here all her life. The family flew into Delhi and has done a fair bit of sight-seeing already.

This luxury family vacation comes a month after the 73-year-old Douglas and the 48-year-old Zeta Jones celebrated their 17th wedding anniversary. The stunning actress had posted a throwback picture from their 2000 wedding at the Plaza Hotel in New York City on the occasion, captioning it, “Thought it could never get better than that day, but it did.”

The couple appears to have a tradition when it comes to marking their wedding anniversaries with landmark extra-special holidays. They had celebrated the 16-year anniversary of their engagement in March 2016 by visiting scenic Aspen, Colorado, where Douglas had proposed marriage.

Coming back to their Indian adventure, they have toured New Delhi, visited the Taj Mahal, and gone on a safari, where they spotted tigers. Catherine posted some lovely messages about her family to Instagram, including a photograph of the four of them in front of the Taj Mahal with the caption, “At the Taj Mahal with the three other 'Wonders of the World' in my life❤️.” She also shared a video of herself walking hand-in-hand with Douglas, towards the Taj Mahal before looking back to their children with a smile. She captioned it, “The Taj Mahal, today in India. Breathtaking to view and experience. It's just the ultimate love story.”


The foursome also visited the Golden Temple and Michael Douglas shared his happiness on having spent a wonderful time with his family in a Facebook post.


We know where we are headed for our next vacation!