EXCLUSIVE: Narendra Kumar deems Ranveer Singh as a relevant fashion muse; says he embodies a sense of fun


Narendra Kumar is one of the most fashionably relevant and socially woke people of the industry. Having realized the importance and power of sustainability in fashion and design, the maestro is constantly striving to make this happen with his collections. 

But every artist needs a muse that is socially relevant according to the changing and testing times we live in. In an exclusive chat with PeepingMoon.com, the sartorial maven spills the tea on who according to him is the perfect Bollywood muse, and behold fans, it's none other than our favorite charmer- Ranveer Singh! 

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"A fashion muse is someone who's versatile, who doesn't take themselves too seriously as a fashion icon; those days are gone...I think Ranveer Singh embodies the spirit and sense of fun. He makes a good sense of being a relevant fashion icon, especially in times like today where you want to see people live up to the joy of dressing while not taking themselves too seriously." 

Well, given Ranveer's spunky attitude and FKNS' zesty style, we really think this is a jugalbandi to look forward to! Check out the entire interview here: 



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