EXCLUSIVE: Designer Narendra Kumar talks about the power and need of sustainability in times of global pandemic


Designer Narendra Kumar, or Nari as everyone calls him, is not only a sartorial maestro but is also one of the most socially relevant faces in the fashion industry. While everyone focuses on the design and color palettes, the fashion maven also concentrates on its effect on the environment and the core message behind his designs. 

In an exclusive chat with PeepingMoon.com, here's what he had to say about the times of global crisis, the art and power of sustainability in fashion and the importance of recycling.  

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When asked about how the COVID-19 pandemic has made everyone more conscious of the environment, he said, "The pandemic will change everyone's perceptions, they will value what they buy. So for everyone, issues like sustainability and recycling are going to be very important; people will buy what they're buying with care for someone else."

Narendra further added, "The world we're going to be living in will need healing in some way and it will come through caring for other people. As a designer, it's important for me to address these issues by being relevant and make a difference in this world. "

The designer, who has previously worked with recycled bottles and sustainable materials for his collections, elaborated on the importance of being relevant to today's times and catering to the needs of the environment as well as the people. He stated, "I realized three years ago that we needed to bring about a change. The line Alcis X Nari is entirely made out of recycled bottles. There's a lot we can and should do. Schools and Colleges should have programs for the same in their final year of design; this is the only way people will realize the value of sustainability to design." 

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