PeepingMoon Half-Yearly 2019: Gucci's black-face campaign to Kim Kardashian's KIMONO stint, controversies that shook the fashion industry!


Fashion for one and fashion for all... this statement is as volatile and dangerous as a nuclear bomb. Sometimes innovation and experimentation can get you in the wrong kind of limelight, and sometimes plagiarism is a sin that is knowingly or unknowingly committed. Either way, many of our favorite celebrities and brands have been in the limelight for the same. 

While we take a look back on the recent fashion history, brings to you a list of all the fashion controversies that made major headlines this year: 

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The plagiarism reporter that exposes all the #gandicopies, Diet Sabya in itself has become extremely controversial. With celebs being on his side, supporting his cause to some of them at loggerheads over matters concerning them or their loved ones, this one definitely has the guts to say things as they are, whether or not someone agrees to it. Although the entity has pushed some issues too far from the line, we respect the fact that he's always stayed true to his cause. Here's what some of our celebs had to say about him:







AK-OK or AW-OK? 

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When Anamika Khanna released her collection featuring 'AK-OK' graphics, all the enthusiasts aware of Anna Wintour's special 'AW-OK' Jordan collection raised their voices. Diet Sabya took the liberty of bashing the collection when suddenly, Rhea Kapoor and Sonam Kapoor came of Anamika's rescue. When matters of sensitivity, mental health and circumstantial drama erupted, Diet Sabya issued an apology on his story and took down the post.

Well, what are your thoughts? 

The Sabyasachi Bengal Tiger Double

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan wore this Bengal Tiger belt by Sabyasachi for one of their campaigns. Soon after, Divyanka Tripathi Dahiya was seen wearing a rip-off of the same. And oh boy, the trolling knew no bounds. Well, a little caution on the part of the stylist wouldn't hurt, right? Read the drama here:

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Kim Kardashian's Fashion Nova stint 

Remember Kim Kardashian's much talked about black Mugler dress? Yeah well, the stunner was accused of leaking the design to Fashion Nova, a retail clothing website, a day before she actually wore the outfit. Well, what's brewing Kim? Read the drama here: 

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Janhvi Kapoor sporting a Balmain copy

A budding fashion enthusiast herself, Janhvi Kapoor wore a sequined dress for her cover shoot with Cosmopolitan India earlier this month. Turns out, the Purple Paisley dress was actually a rip-off of a Balmain dress from one of their previous collections. The actress and the magazine, alike, received a lot of flak for the same.

Well, what are your thoughts? 

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Gucci Black-Face Sweater

From the many controversial moments Gucci has had this year, this certain creation tops them all! The sweater, that indicates resemblance to a black man's face, hurt the audience culturally and emotionally. People also voiced out on social media saying that the brand is attacking the black community. Soon after, Gucci issued an apology for the same and discontinued the sweater immediately. 

Intense, don't you think? 

Yami Gautam's Dior double. 

Yami Gautam wore this red dress, the original Dior creation of which was worn by Bella Hadid for a Cannes Dinner Party in 2018. Stylist Aastha Sharma and the actress were both trolled for this move. Well, karni ki bharni we reckon?

Burberry's noose hoodie

It's like these labels are trying to make bad decisions! Burberry launched this hoodie with the hood's tie in the shape of a noose. Needless to say, the brand received a lot of blacklash for the same. And well, here we are today. What are your thoughts? 

Kim Kardashian's KIMONO

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Kim Kardashian strikes again! The diva launched her own line of shapewear under the name 'KIMONO', which is now a patent. What the diva forgot to check was that kimonos are actually traditional robes which form an integral part of the Japanese culture. Certainly, Keeping up with the Kardashians star received a lot of flak for the same. So much, even Kyoto's Mayor spoke up about it & Kim-Oh-No was trending on Twitter for two weeks! 

Well, well, well,...

Nike's plus-sized mannequin controversy

Nike launched a plus-sized mannequin in one of their stores. While this move was much-appreciated, a certain publication trolled them for the move, saying they are promoting an unhealthy lifestyle by doing this. This led to a major twitter blow-up! Read all about it here: 

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Well, a rather controversial year already. Wouldn't you agree? 

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