PeepingMoon Half-Yearly 2019: Deepika Padukone's dramatic eyeliner to Lady Gaga's statement lips, check out the beauty trends that caused a storm


Glitz, glamour and beauty are just some words that go hand-in-hand with the dazzling personalities of our favourite divas from all around the world. While the stunning divas set high-scores on the beauty charts, we can't help but take serious inspiration from all the stark looks that they have been sporting in the recent past. '

Right from the opulent awards season #LOTDs to some out-of-the-box beauty inspo, brings to you the best of beauty trends that we've witnessed in the past six months:

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It's all in the eyes ft. colourful eyeshadow

Popping hues, icy mattes, glitter and shimmer with a smidge of edginess, rainbow eyes has become a hot trend and it's here to stay. Multi-coloured eyeshadow or just a single-popping hue, there are no rules for this trend. 

With our divas embracing the whackiest of trends at soirees, we sure have some favourites from the treasure. 

Archiving these for future reference! 

Wave me good! 

Beachy waves have become our go-to hairstyle. But what if we gave that classic trend a hearty twist? 

Chunky twirls, tousled waves, salt-scrunched hair and many such oh-so-amazing looks found their way into our list of all things awesome.

Being edgy and elegant at the same time, this trend has quickly become a hot-favourite amongst our divas. P.S. Shailene Woodley's messy-do has our attention!

'Setting' goals and how, pun intended!

The Liner Remix 

Gone are the days when a classic black line over the lids was everything we ever wished for! The leading ladies are onto better things now and we're loving it! 

Dramatic liners, glitter deets, revamped cat-eye and even upside-down liners... there's so much more beyond our layman imagination. Check out the goodness:

Which one are you trying next? 

Retro hair, don't care!

Bringing sexy back, our favourite divas are keeping it classy with these old-school hairstyles. 

From Hollywood waves to the Monroe side-bob, we've seen it all! We're knee-deep in awe and we can't stop drowning! P.S.: Sonakshi Sinha is owning up the flavour like it's nobody's business. 

Can we take a minute? 

Monochrome makeup

This is a new sensational trend that is taking the industry by storm. From an all-nude look to an all-bronze effect, we're digging this oh-so-amazing trend! 

Monochrome make-up includes using only one hue or tone of colour and we are baffled what can be done with just one hue! I mean, take a look! 

Kareena Kapoor Khan's bare-faced shaadi look has our heart. Which one is your favourite? 

Top-knot twist! 

Top-knots have been a raging trend since a couple of years now, but our these dazzling divas made sure that this trend hits the high-glam notes. 

Bringing the twisted-knot to the red-carpet, the top-knot has become one of the most seen trends in the recent past...but we're not complaining. Kangana Ranaut's Cannes-knot is our current favourite!

So cute-chic at home or the dramatic-diva at a soiree, take your pick!

Statement Lips

Do we need to say more? One of the most old-school trends ever has made a big comeback this year and we're the happiest! 

But unlike the past, we've seen more colours this year than just the classic hot pin and stark scarlet. 

Berry pink, burgundy and dirty browns are making a huge statement and we're digging it... check it out!

All pink everything! 

Pink hues and rosy glow have always been a beauty go-to for our leading ladies. P.S. Kylie Jenner swears by this trend!  

While we agree the look has always been a classic, our divas show us how to mix it up millennial style. 

Well, we're drooling; how about you? 

The poised ponytail

Gone are the days when one treated the chic-ponytail as a casual element. 

The pony is rocking the red carpet and it's bringing back glamour like none other; take a look:

P.S: how cute is Alia Bhatt's side-pony? Which one is your favourite? 

The revamped smokey-eyes

Black and grey are so 2016! From the likes of Deepika Padukone and Janhvi Kapoor alike, our divas are experimenting with stunning hues when it comes to the classic look. 

Making for a more bold and edgy look, here are some of our favourites:

Uff, such hotness...cannot handle!