Shweta Tiwari's former husband Abhinav Kohli sends legal notice for defamation, says 'you are snatching away my son from me'


Shweta Tiwari's estranged husband Abhinav Kohli made headlines recently after he claimed that the actress has taken their son Reyaansh Kohli to an undisclosed location. Now, in the latest development, Abhinav has sent a legal notice for defamation to the actress. Talking to a leading publication, he said that he finally met his son after a week but just for a few minutes. He added that Reyaansh needs his father as much as he needs his mother. 

Abhinav continued that ever since he married Shweta, he did everything to prove that he is a good husband and father. "Since the time I got married to Shweta Tiwari, I have done everything to prove myself a good husband and father. But despite my all efforts, I'm all alone today. I'm away from my son because Shweta Tiwari is a celebrity and I appear as a bad person in front of people," he told.

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He further clarified that he isn't against women but said there are some who misuse laws. "More than the women who really need such laws, these are exploited by some clever women. That's why these laws end up being dangerous and unfair towards men," he said. Stating that he has been compromising for family and his son, Abhinav told, "Since the time I got married to Shweta, I have been compromising for my family and son. But despite that, she has been accusing me falsely and put me in jail. I never told anyone about my story. But now you are snatching away my son from me."

Speaking of the legal notice, he added, "If Shweta doesn't respond to the notice in 14 days, I'll decide on the further course of legal action against her."

(Source: India Today)