Shershaah Captain Vikram Batra’s twin Vishal Batra reveals he and his parents asked Dimple Cheema to get married post his brother’s demise


Sidharth Malhotra’s and Kiara Advani’s Shershaah has got the entire country raving about PVC awardee Captain Vikram Batra’s valour and his eternal love story with girlfriend Dimple Cheema. The film has got people talking about not only Captain Batra’s heroism but also of Dimple’s courage and lasting love that propelled her to continue living a life as his widow, without marrying or starting life afresh.

Now, in an interview with a leading daily, Captain Batra’s twin brother Vishal Batra, who was instrumental in the making of the film spoke about their relationship. He revealed that he and his parents had asked Dimple to get married after Captain Batra’s demise. He said, “Yes, I did. Even my parents told her.” He further added that probably her parents also must have insisted that she ties the knot and revealed what her last words were to him before his brother passed away. Vishal said, “I remember Dimple and I were having lunch together, six days before the ill-fated day. She had come to see me off; I was headed to Delhi for some work. She told me: 'Jab Vikram vapas aa jayega toh aap hamari shaadi mein nachoge na?' (After Vikram comes back, you'll dance at our wedding na?). I said, 'Of course, nachunga' (I will definitely dance).”

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Vishal also reiterated and clarified that although Vikram and Dimple wanted to get married they were never engaged. He said, “Dimple and Vikram were not engaged. It hurts to read wrong reports in the media and I just hope that everyone who matters is reading this and does not do goof-ups in their write-ups hereafter. People who have written that she was his mangetar (fiancée) have just been silly. I must clarify here that the picture of Dimple too that has been floating in the media, where it is claimed in a group picture that she's standing beside my brother- is not the correct one. That girl is Sidharth's classmate and not Dimple. We were looking at getting them married soon, no doubt. But let me reiterate here that the engagement hadn't happened.”


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He further said that he helped Kiara meet Dimple before the start of Shershaah and said, “I did help in initiating that meeting. But Kiara met Dimple one-on-one at her hotel. I think they chatted for 3-4 hours at least.”

(Source: ETimes)