In any horrific incident, a single person isn’t involved: Alok Nath targets rape accuser Vinta Nanda


With each passing day, #MeToo movement in India is helping the closest victims to come out in open and share the ordeal. Last night, Vinta Nanda, producer and writer of popular 90’s soap, Tara, accused the show's lead actor Alok Nath of raping her 19 years ago. In a gut-wrenching post wrote by the producer of Facebook, the 'not-so-sanskari' actor revealed the horrific details of all that had happened with her.

After dismissing Vinta's claims in a statement given to ABP, Alok further spoke to another entertainment website and indirectly blamed the rape accuser Vinta! "That’s her perspective that you’ve gone through and it’s really horrific and it’s like something terrible and that’s her prerogative, her own personal perspective. So I give her a chance, you know, let her, whatever she felt or whatever happened, to be made public," stated Alok on being asked about his perspective about the matter.

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'Tara' writer-producer Vinta Nanda

Vinta had mentioned her inebriated state when she was raped. To this Alok retaliated, “Firstly, let’s not blame the alcohol. Secondly, it’s her perspective. And, no, I don’t want to clear my perspective here. In any horrific incident, a single person isn’t involved. Either it’s a ghost or another human being. So she’s had a related incident, which is fine.”

Alok didn't shy away from terming the entire incident as "a fragment of a certain imagination, from a person for whom I did a lot of things in life."

The babuji of TV said that he will speak about this when he has more clarity since he has just come across the entire scenario.

Check out the conversation of Alok with website's correspondent: