Chandu Champion movie review: Kartik Aaryan shines bright in Kabir Khan’s biographical on Murlikant Petkar

Film: Chandu Champion
Cast: Kartik Aaryan, Vijay Raaz, Bhuvan Arora, Rajpal Yadav, Shreyas Talpade
Director: Kabir Khan
Rating: 3.5 Moons

Kartik Aaryan’s highly anticipated film has now hit the theaters after a long wait. Kabir Khan’s directorial on the life of Paralympics winner Murlikant Rajaram Petkar is not just another biographical sports drama but more than that. The ace director Kabir Khan and the young actor brought the inspiring hero to the cinema efficiently. The character instills a motivation to achieve the goal despite any hurdle saying ‘Main Kar Lega’ and ‘Chandu Nahi Champion Hai Main’. He is determined just to win the Olympics be it any sport and he moves on from wrestling to boxing and finally wins in swimming. 

Chandu Champion starts in 2017 showing Kartik Aaryan as an old age character of India’s champion on whom the story is based. The narrative continues as a flashback into the life of Murlikant Petkar who as a young kid dreamt of winning Olympic gold for the country at a time when the sports event wasn’t even popular or appreciated by people. Kartik Aaryan as Murlikant Petkar gave it back to those who laughed at him to dream high. The film shows the journey of this child as how he made it through winning a gold at the 1972 Summer Paralympics, hosted in Germany's Heidelberg. It wasn’t easy for this kid to chase his dream all alone by meeting some kind and helpful people on his way. 

The biographical film is a lesson to accept every challenge as an opportunity. The story of Murlikant Petkar teaches us to be influenced by negative comments and stay focused to achieve our aim. Kabir Khan as an ace director has once again demonstrated his art of filmmaking astonishingly. The filmmaker has brought history brilliantly to cinemas and made sure there is nothing propelled. The cinematography and editing are at their finest. The background score throughout the film is engaging keeping you hooked with scenes, also songs were rightly placed in the film. The story has been kept original and not influenced by some fictional additions.

Kartik Aaryan has delivered one of the best performances of his career portraying the paralympics winner Murlikant Petkar. The young actor has justified the real-life character with his acting prowess. He has proved his hard work, determination, and transformation to bring real-life character on screens. With this film, the Gwalior boy has ascertained that he has a long way to go in the film industry. Vijay Raaz as Tiger Ali, coach of Murlikant, delivered an amazing performance as always. Bhuvan Arora as Karnel Singh, the best friend of the lead, has done an excellent job. Rajpal Yadav, Shreyas Talpade, and Yashpal Sharma had less screentime but they played it right. 

Murlikant Petkar must have climbed several steps before making it to Paralympics however the film was highly focused on his final dream. Makers could have shown a few more details of the sportsman’s life. The trailer could have been more interesting to attract more audience. Yet people should give this film a shot to watch another inspiring real-life story in theaters. 

Kabir Khan's directorial and co-produced by Sajid Nadiadwala under the banners of Kabir Khan Films and Nadiadwala Grandson Entertainment is sensitive, emotional, and inspirational. Kartik Aaryan accepted the film as a challenge essaying a character he had never done before and proved it right. Chandu Champion is a great film to watch with your entire family.