He said, she said… The Anushka-Virat love story in their own words!


You don’t throw two gorgeous young celebs together, get them to do the sensual Tango, and not expect sparks to fly! So, thank you Clinic Clear shampoo for setting the ball rolling and giving us this lovely, loved-up couple back in 2013. Over these four years, we have had our eyes trained on this delicious duo, and our ears tuned to all their love bytes. And we haven’t been disappointed. Even though Anushka has been more circumspect in talking about her relationship, Virat has had no such qualms. Here’s how this soon-to-be-married twosome allowed us glimpses into their personal and private life…

Just Normal

She said: “We are not hiding anything. We are being two normal young people in a relationship.”

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Not without bae

He said
: “I trust my relationship with her. That’s why I spoke to the Board and persons concerned about my relationship and tried to make them realise why I need her to be with me during such an important tour. And they respected my decision. They respected the fact that I respect my relationship.”

Privacy, Please

She said
: “Fair enough, I will tell you why I don't want to talk about it. I was open about my relationship because I thought that's me handling something maturely and I expected people also to handle it maturely. But I feel not everyone knows how to do that. All they are interested in is scoops. 'Oh! They met.' - If you are dating someone you will meet them, na? How can meeting someone become such big news? It was just too much. As an actor, I was giving some of my best performances but in an interview, the headline would always be about my personal life.

…You are there to talk about a film and they want to ask you stupid-high-school-kids-questions like how did you meet each other. Grow up, man! Everyone has a personal life but I would like to keep a few things very personal and the media too should respect my privacy. We both are busy with our individual work because our focus is on our career.”

Emotionally Yours

He said
: “I was in Mohali and there was a Test series going on. I was with Anushka then, she had come to visit me. Surprisingly, when I became the Test captain then also she was in Melbourne with me. That was a very special moment we shared together. During the Mohali Test, they had spoken to me already. When I hung up the phone and told her, for me it was like a flashback. From the moment I started playing in my academy till the Mohali game. I was emotional. I was in tears because I had never thought that I will see this day.”

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Cheeky Cool!

She said
: “He's my very, very good looking arm candy.” He thought she looked as refreshing as a ‘nimbu’. They were about the cutest thing at the Vogue Awards, for sure.

A Changed Man

He said
: “Lady Luck ka kamaal hai. You have seen me, you know I had no sense before. Ever since the lady has come into my life, she’s taught me a lot of things. I’ve learnt a lot, become more sensible in the last four years all because of her. She’s taught me how to be more patient and taught me how to utilise the position I am in to the fullest. At that time too, I never tried to be anyone else. But the flip has been because of her.”

Loving Anushka

He said
: “I love that she’s honest and always caring. I don’t hate but one thing I dislike is that she’s always 5-7 minutes late. She’s been with me throughout and we have a great understanding. She’s improved me as a person in last 3-4 years that we’ve been together.”

Standing Up

He said: “It was shocking to know that people can target someone’s personal life like this. She had no relevance to the defeat. She only has a positive effect on me. But people found her guilty. Strange! They played the blame game very easily. They didn’t realise that she too has a family. How could you blame her for my failure? My relationship with Anushka has only become stronger because of that incident. We have gone through this together.”

Calming Factor

He said: “Anushka acts as a big motivation for me. I listen to her calmly about everything she says. She makes me understand if I make a mistake, if I am doing something wrong. When I see her cheering for me at the ground, it obviously makes me feel special. It gives me more strength… Once you are feeling the emotional support, you are feeling so confident that you can go out there and conquer. You know there is someone sitting out there to support you always.”

Settling Down

He said
: “Right now, I am in a phase of life where I actually feel like getting very stable in life. When I am not playing cricket, I am spending time with Anushka and I feel very calm and stable. I enjoy the smallest of things like walking around or just sitting for a cup of coffee. There is no urgency to do something exciting or doing something very flamboyant to show people that I am young and I can do this or do that.”