SPOILER ALERT! Game of Thrones Season 8: Check out all that went down in episode 2 of the drama-fantasy series



Behold! The war is almost here! Game of Thrones Season 8 aired its second episode today and we cannot keep calm!

While we're at it, let's have a breakdown of what went down in the current flank of the drama series: 

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The frame opens with Jaime's interrogation in Winterfell. Danaerys and Sansa question his allegiance while Tyrion and Brienne defend Jaime's interests. On Jon's persuasion, Danaerys succumbs. Danaerys, on their way out of the council room, questions Tyrion's intentions, which leaves him hurt. 

Arya visits Gendy while he's making weapons. Arya questions him about how the White Walkers look, to which Gendry says 'death'. To this Arya says, 'I've seen death. He has many faces. I look forward to seeing this one.' Impressed by her, Gendry promises her to make her the weapon she desires. Drowning in feels!

On the flip side, Bran apologizes to Jaime and makes peace with him. 

Tyrion and Jaime talk about Danaerys and her being skeptic about Tyrion and his decision-making. Jaime then spots Brienne practicing in the field and swears to fight under her command, if she lets him. Can we see an #OTP forming here? 

Jorah persuades Danaerys to forgive Tyrion. He also confesses how Tyrion was the perfect choice for her Hand, even though it broke his heart.

Later, Danaerys meets Sansa and tries to bond with her. They talk about Cersei and how they both, got fooled by her. Danaerys states that her war is only with the Lannister Queen and that she's in Winterfell to fight alongside them only because Jon, her lover, convinced her to. 

They are then interrupted by Theon's arrival, who says he wants to fight for Winterfell against the Wights. 

Sam arrives back with the Edd, Tormund and Beric, bringing the leftovers of their fleet along with them from the wall. They tell Jon about the Umbers and alarm him about the war approaching them. 

While strategizing and planning for the war, Bran confesses that the Night King wants to kill him and will come for him, now that he's been marked. Theon volunteers to protect Bran with the Iron Born while the rest of them fight on the field. Tyrion volunteers to participate but Danaerys states that his counsel is more of her worth than his swordsmanship.  Later, Bran and Tyrion talk while Greyworm promises Missandei of a better future after the war is over. 

Jon, Edd and Sam await the impending war. Jon tells Sam he can stay with Gilly and baby Sam if he wishes, but Sam refuses. Sam meets Jorah and gifts him the Heartsbane. 

Tyrion and Jaime are warming up in a room by the fire. Brienne, Poddrick, Tormund and Ser Davos join them. After reluctantly refusing her wish to be a knight, Jaime leads the ceremony and makes her the knight of the seven kingdoms. In another corner, Arya makes peace with the Hound and Beric. 

Gendry meets Arya while she's practicing and presents her with a sword. Arya and Gendry, then make advances towards each other, which leads to love-making. We ship them so hard! #OTPGoals

Danaerys meets Jon in the Crypts. They talk about Lyanna Stark and Rheghar Targaryen when Jon tells her the truth about her identity. Danaerys refuses to believe it, but Jon states all the facts that confirm the truth. The sword of his claim to Throne hangs in the air when the siren sounds. 

They're here and they've got the storm with them! 




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