Equity on lighter skin is something that I fell for: Priyanka Chopra Jonas admits giving into unrealistic beauty standards, wants to be a little messy!


Right from her inspirational journey from Bollywood to Hollywood, the ‘Unfinished’ Priyanka Chopra has embraced the glorious mess in her life. The actress is done pretending to be perfect and voiced the same on Ladies First Podcast hosted by Laura Brown. The founder of hair-care line Anomaly has admitted to having fallen for the unrealistic beauty standards in the past and bought into ‘equity on lighter skin’.

Not a long time ago, Priyanka faced flak for endorsing the fairness products a few years ago and has expressed regrets about the same. And so, in the podcast, PeeCee said that she has reached a point in life where is she done pretending to be perfect.


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“There were so many unrealistic beauty standards. Being ridiculously skinny was one, which I didn’t think about in my 20s, because I had a crazy metabolism at that point, as you do. But more than that, the equity on lighter skin in Asia, for sure. That’s something that I fell for. The fact that you have to be perfect, your face has to be perfect, your hair has to be perfect, you have to dress perfect, speak perfect, you have to have the right opinion on everything, you have to say the right thing. I think that part was the first (time) I kind of was like, ‘Forget it, I’m okay being messy sometimes, and it’s okay.’” she stated.


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Brining that change within herself was not an easy task as it took Priyanka a while to get around. However, the actress now has accepted herself the way she is. She wants to ‘unzip the glitz and glamour’ as that’s something she feels held back by. Having a ‘prolific’ body of work back in India, Priyanka mentioned that she has had an opportunity to work with ‘incredible filmmakers’ played a variety of characters and she sure wants ‘to be able to do that at this side of the pond.’ However, she often finds herself confined by the ‘glittery, shiny and pretty box.’ “I want to be a little messy,” she admitted.

From endorsing fairness products to regretting them and being comfortable in her own skin, perfectly imperfect Priyanka has come a long way. What are your thoughts?

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