Gender Labels… who? Here's how Katrina Kaif's Kay Beauty 'It's Kay To Be You' campaign unapologetically shatters myths


Bollywood actress Katrina Kaif turned into a beauty entrepreneur with Kay Beauty which is a makeup line in collaboration with beauty retailer Nykaa. Recently, the brand's #ItsKayToBeYou campaign started making headlines. The crux of all her cause-based advertising is to encourage everyone to be themselves without paying heed to any societal judgment. 

This initiative was indeed lauded for not succumbing to superficial standards. It was authentic, raw and promoted real beauty while providing quite a diverse representation. Many big names and influencers like Nayanthara, Jannat Jubair, Kusha Kapila, Raja Kumari and more participated in this bold initiative. Fair inclusivity was provided in terms of celebrating various sizes and skin tones. Even taboo labels such as gender-neutral and more that many brands refrain from were hand-picked and addressed respectfully. 

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Katrina stated that everything related to this beauty line is a clear representation of her. The brand aimed to bridge the gap between high glamour and userfriendly #MakeupThatKares as Kay Beauty resulted from meticulous research and a commitment to bringing women the best in beauty! Digging deeper into what actually Kay Beauty stands for, the actress claimed it fills the gap between a conventional expectation and being your unconventional true self! 

Kat quoted her thoughts on the campaign and said, “During all the moments when I have faced struggles, it has always been the stories of women that have never failed to motivate me to keep going. We at Kay’s beauty are proud to present this new series, where we celebrate women and their stories of unflinching courage as they faced their fears to realize their dreams. Their innate resilience and determination to not into the mould are what make them truly beautiful. With KAY KONVERSATIONS we hope to motivate more and more women to live their dreams without fear while embracing every aspect of their personalities... after all #ItsKayToBeYou.”

Recently, Kay Beauty also announced the launch of #KARE social initiatives, a special way for the brand to give back to the community in every way possible. In the end, we just want to ask Katrina, "how does it feel to be you?". Because it sure is Kay as hell to be you!

(Source: Instagram)