Mumbai-based modeling agency TFM faces Diet Sabya’s ire for lakhs of unpaid dues towards its models


In an effort to put an end to copycats and plagiarists, Diet Sabya, the infamous, anonymous Instagram handle started his page on a mission to call out stylists and designers who conveniently escaped the drill. Going 'slightly pivot from its original goal', the fashion police turned moral police and started calling out fashion companies with a toxic work environment and extremely unprofessional ethics. 

The latest to join this long list is a Mumbai-based talent management agency, TFM. In their exclusive DS investigation, Diet Sabya connected with many models linked with the agency with lakhs of outstanding and unpaid dues spanning over years. After months of thorough investigation, Diet lent its voice and platform to these models and did what it does best- CALLED OUT!


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Sharing a post on its social media space, Diet Sabya called out the talent agency by featuring the unpaid models with their respective dues. As per the DS investigation, ‘TFM has been pulling this stunt since 2018’. “The models have finally had it and are no longer willing to wait for their own money,” read an excerpt from its caption. Speaking on the clarification bit, the talent agency did give Diet Sabya some reasons which seemed like ‘excuses to buy time’. “TFM agents did give us multiple reasons/explanations for the delay citing Covid economy, breach of contract, models misbehaving etc etc. Most of these explanations seem to be just excuses to buy time”, read its note.

Keeping it transparent for the Diet audience, the anonymous Instagram handle also posted stories and videos of the models whom TFM owes lakhs of money. Many models voluntarily came forward and shared their ordeal via video messages that are still present in the highlights section of Diet Sabya's IG story. These models opened up on the struggles they faced while trying to recover their hard-earned money back. When refused to back down, some of them were even accused of harassment.


Netizens came to rescue and gave some legal insights about the pertaining issue. Sometimes, internet can be a wholesome place to be, isn't it?


Owing to this commotion, TFM has blocked Diet Sabya and is yet to issue its statement.

What are your thoughts on this fiasco?

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