CMA Awards: We are all about Jennifer Nettles calling for 'equal pay' for female country artists with her stunning Christian Siriano number


Art as a tool of communication! Time and again, we've seen our favorite celebs raise their voices for a cause through art, fashion being the most widely used form. 

This time too, the sensational Jennifer Nettles raised her concerns surrounding equal pay for female country artists through her outfit at the CMA Awards and we're all for this revolution! 



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On Instagram, Nettles explained why she decided to make a statement with her CMAs outfit. "When I found out that the CMA’s were celebrating women artists this year, I saw a wonderful opportunity to invite and inspire conversation about country music’s need to play more women artists on radio and play listings," she wrote. "(Some of you big country fans may have heard of this problem over the past few years. 16% of the top 500 songs over the last 4 years (2014-2018) were women. 16% of the top 500!!!!! 16%!!!!) This is unacceptable.) What better and more womanly way to invite such conversation than with fashion that sends a message?!"



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 The back of her cape featured a painting by artist Alice Mizrachi and the words "EQUAL PLAY." In the front, the cape read, "PLAY OUR F*@#!N RECORDS PLEASE & THANK YOU!"



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Fashion for a cause, we're digging this! What are your thoughts? 


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