Your body won’t be ripped always, it needs work every day: Shweta Tiwari on her stunning transformation and chiseled abs


Off late, Shweta Tiwari has been making headlines for her smoking hot bod and toned abs. The actress and mother of two, has been serving some fitness inspiration with her gram feed dressed in sultry sarees and sexy crop tops. Though she has always been fit, this time the diva left no stone unturned to left her fans jaw-dropped with her transformation.

However flattering the comments may be, Shweta feels fitness is a continuous process and you cannot change your physique overnight. In a recent interview with Hindustan Times, the actress opened up on her stunning transformation. “Your body won’t be ripped always; it needs work every day. People want to attain a ripped body in two months, which is not possible. Daily workouts will give you results.”

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Though she has quite envy-worthy curves thanks to her workout regime, the actress credits lights, camera angles and poses for a toned picture. “It is lovely to hear compliments,” says the 41-year-old, adding, “But I don’t look like the way I am in those photos every day. I shouldn’t be saying this, but people need to know that it is not just a fit body but the lights, camera angle and pose that also helps you look a certain way in the photos. The truth is my abs are defined for two days and I am bloated for the next four,” she continued.

Shweta’s transformation journey can be traced by since the pandemic of 2020 where she took her fitness seriously. “During the pandemic, we all realised the importance of fitness and to stay fit. Even when we are at home, we need to keep moving. I do something or the other, be it jogging or walking or skipping at home. You should move your body every day. For me, fitness is not just abs, but overall health. Body hamesha fit nahin rehti. If you are not unwell, don’t lose breathe or get tired while walking or running, then you are fit.

When asked if she is happy with her body and herself now, the actress affirms positively. ““Yes, absolutely! Sure, I put on weight at times and there are times when I get tired of diet restrictions and I want to eat whatever I feel like having. Last year, when I was unwell, I ate what I wanted to, but after a while, I wanted to get fitter. I have changed as a person and don’t want to stray off my diet much. I have cheat meals and cheat days, but only once a week,” she concluded.

(Source- Hindustan Times)