Interview: Selfie Mausi Aka Siddharth Sagar who went missing is back on TV


A few months back, comedian Siddharth Sagar popularly known was ‘Selfie Mausi’ grabbed headlines when he went missing. According to the comedian, he was physically and mentally tortured by his own parents. Few months after this tragic incident, Siddharth held a press conference in Mumbai where he narrated his entire story of harassment and finding comfort in a rehabilitation center.

And now, after a gap of almost one and half years, Siddharth Sagar is back to work. He will be soon seen in the comedy show – Comedy Circus Returns. In an interview with, Siddharth spoke about his comeback, his character in the show, love life and many more…

"I have been associated with the Optymistix production house for more than a decade now. When they got to know about my personal tragedy; they called me and asked me whether I can be a part of their upcoming show. Believe me; I said yes without even giving a second thought on it. No show can be better than Comedy Circus for my comeback," shared Siddharth.

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He further added, "My character of Selfie Mausi is very popular; so I am sure the makers would want me to continue with it. But apart from Selfie Mausi, I will be playing a lot of other characters too. I have been paired with Karishma Sharma and Mubeen Saudagar and I am really looking forward to audience reactions to our performance. To be honest, I was missing camera. I am so happy that I am back."

Narrating the ordeals he has been through, the comedian-actor shared, "I have been through a lot of pain in the past two years. Meri pehchaan logon ko hasane se bani aur main khud hansna bhul gaya tha. Now when I am back, I want to change my life in the best way. I don’t want to look into my past now. I will give my best to make people laugh. I am not in touch with my parents nor do I want them to contact me in any way. I don’t want them in my life again."

Siddharth also expressed that he is happy that his girlfriend Subuhi is back in his life. "Because of me, she had to go through a lot of hell. But now, all things are sorted and we are back to a balanced life," shared our beloved Selfie Mausi, before signing off.