Non reserved seatings to no outfit rule, Masoom Minawala sheds the spotlight on the backstage drama from Milan Fashion Week

Fashion weeks are a great piece of junctures when it comes to displaying what beauty on the outside is all about. As the mere evolves, personalities line up one flagship after another and set higher standards by the day, but that is not all that it has to offer. Fashion influencer, entrepreneur, and mama-to-be Masoom Minawala took us all on a trip to Milan she revealed all the easter eggs and fashion scoops we didn't know about from the Milan Fashion Week! 

Being such a creative genius as she is, Masoom has completely changed the game and soul-searched what the ever-so-thrilling fashion weeks are all about through her 'Masoom Takes Fashion Week' series where she not only represented Indian fashion and culture on the go but also provided small yet major deets on the insides of the glamorous events. She took the trail to the Milan Fashion Week between the 20th and 26th of September and was a part of several shows which led to her revealing new trends and insights we didn't know about. 

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From serving up critical backstage information to covering style moments unknown to the craziest fashion fanatics, Masoom summed up all nooks and crannies from designer label brands as well as Indian creations, which she carried exquisitely herself with a gorgeous pregnancy glow. She let out and said "A MAJOR part of prepping for big shows is the intensive, chaotic, and extremely exciting sessions of fittings. And since we’re leaving no aspect of fashion week unseen this season, I had to bring you along for a full day of this madness aka fittings with me! on what exactly happens at a fitting, how it helps brands, AND who all gets a chance to be dressed by the brand.”

Through her series, she discussed topics such as what happens at a fitting during International Fashion Week, things that one would never guess are real at these events, Moncler celebrating 70 years in business, Versace's powerful and rebellious theme, and much more.

She also spilled some secrets like there’s no outfit rule for fashion week, you can also show up in a t-shirt and jeans, there are many people who come outside the show just to take pictures and then leave without attending the show, and the best looks are borrowed, dresses are sourced from the brand and returned the next day. We have a couple of the episodes listed if you missed any of them. But if you really want to experience couture, you should visit her Instagram page. 

She took over the streets of Milan with nothing but high-end fashion, panache, and oodles of style quotient. We have listed some of her looks below-

Things you would never imagine being true at Fashion Week

The Bally Black Supremacy 

Lights, camera and high fashion

Versace’s FW 2022 showcase

How does Fashion Week help influencers?

Glowing in Chisel by MR

Royalty in Emporio Armani

Missoni Show fit check 

What happens at a fitting during an International Fashion Week?

Masoom impressed all of us with her great achievement and success! What are your thoughts?

(Source - Instagram)