Deepika Padukone gives us a sneak-peek into her beauty rituals in the latest episode of Harper's Bazaar's 'Little Black Book' series


Deepika Padukone and her glam-bok have been around the world. From red carpet appearances and attendance at the galas to uber-chic editorials, this chicness has given us a lot of sartorial and beauty inspiration alike. 

Opening her 'Little Black Book' containing the beauty secrets, this stunner gives us a peek into her beauty regimen and we're rejoicing! Here's what we know now:

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Her love-hate affair with center partings



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The diva once hated doing her hair with slick, middle-partings admitted having warmed up to the trend eventually. Today, this very trend has become this stunner's to-go look. So, experiment ladies, you might just discover your new style! 

Don't touch her eyebrows! 



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Deepika's makeup-expert Sandhya Shekar, who has been working with her for over two years now, confessed that she has not once, done the actress' eyebrows. She also mentioned that the beaut likes to do her own brows and that Sandhya trusts her because she does them well. Well, voila! 

She loves the nude, warm tones! 



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Talk about nude blushes, nude-warm eyeshadows and radiant skin...we cannot think of anyone but Deepika when we talk about this goodness. The diva admitted that this is indeed her to-go look and oh boy, we're not complaining! 

Less is more! 



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Deepika believes in less foundation, less makeup and bare-minimum glam that lets her skin breathe and show through. She also mentioned that a lot of foundation gives her the cakey feeling, which in turn mkes her feel very concious. We agree, cakey is so 2001! Pro tip: go au-naturel ladies, it is the way to go! 

Planning her looks



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Deepika's hairstylist, Gabriel Georgiou shed light on how her glam-squad decides her looks. A lot of research, editorial looks and runway trends are referred when deciding on the details of her looks. From accessorizing and ensembles to her hairdo and makeup, everything is discussed and pondered upon together before the looks is finalized. Go, teamwork!

We're swimming in all this modish inspiration, What are your thoughts? 


(SOURCE: Hauterfly, Harper's Bazaar US, Instagram)