PeepingMoon Exclusive: Has Kartik Aaryan’s controlling behavior led to a rethink on Hera Pheri 3 casting?

If sources are to be believed, Santa Claus is coming to Bollywood with the most exciting Christmas gift of all! has exclusively learned that filmmaker Firoz Nadiadwala is in very positive and promising talks for Hera Pheri 3 with Akshay Kumar again. This unexpectedly delightful turn of events, according to production house sources, is said to be the result of Kartik Aaryan’s reportedly old and dominating habit of trying to control the shots on every film he has signed, much to the producer’s frustration.

The casting of Hera Pheri 3 has been a ‘Hera Pheri’ in itself. The third installment of Bollywood’s most popular comedy franchise has seen so many ups and downs in recent times than any other producer might have given up by now. But Firoz Nadiadwala, an old war horse of Bollywood, doggedly persisted with his idea and ability to give audiences what they are looking for – good wholesome family entertainment with an ensemble cast of truly great actors known to deliver the same in the past.  

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But the setback was that Akshay, who plays the iconic role of the roguish character Raju in the highly successful franchise, was said to be unsure and unprepared to go ahead with Hera Pheri 3 in its current form. And with a heavy heart he said no to Firoz Nadiadwala. Around the same time Kartik was reportedly said to be making determined efforts to wrangle his way into the film and had approached Firoz Nadiadwala to press his case. His joining Hera Pheri 3 was first confirmed by veteran actor Paresh Rawal who plays the blustery alcoholic garage owner Baburao in the film.

Suniel Shetty, who plays the third character Shyam in the franchise, seconded that news but added that Kartik’s role had nothing to do with the character Raju that Akshay had made universally popular. Fans of Hera Pheri were disappointed that Akshay would not be a part of the third film but accepted that Firoz Nadiadwala’s dream was taking shape and the franchise would continue. But, sources say, once the paperwork had been completed, Kartik shockingly began asserting himself and reportedly trying to make changes in the script.

According to production house insiders, an upset Firoz Nadiadwala was not taking any of this.  And with renewed hope, and a new script, he is said to have knocked on Akshay’s door again to seek the original Khiladi’s return to the Hera Pheri franchise. It goes without saying that fans of the franchise and the actor have always and only wanted Akshay back in the film. Will that happen? Will New Year bring with it Bollywood’s biggest news to kickstart 2023? Follow for updates on Hera Pheri 3. Meanwhile, going by exclusive inside information and buzz we can tell you this – Kartik Aaryan won’t be in it.