Let's Talk Season 3: 'I sat alone at home the day debut film Ishaqzaade released,' says Arjun Kapoor on coping with his mother's demise

In the first episode of's special segment, Let's Talk Season 3 with Ankita Bhalla, Arjun Kapoor spoke about losing his mother Mona Shourie Kapoor just some time before the release of his debut film, Ishaqzaade. The actor, unfiltered, opened up about not being able to show her his journey in showbiz. Mona passed away on March 25, 2012, and Ishaqzaade released on May 11, 2012.    

Talking about dealing with the loss, Arjun said, "I carry the pain every day. I carry her strength every day. My backbone was broken and I was expected to run, not even walk. Till today I am recovering from that, I won't deny that. Yes, I have suffered loss and dealt with it to my best capacity. Have I dealt with it completely? No. I have bad days. I feel empty and vulnerable more than I should. I see my sister Anshula Kapoor and get strength from her because she is the representation and extension of my mother. I don't know whether I lost time for wisdom from her but I lost time with her as I wanted to see her go through my journey. It is not always you need a shoulder to lean on or a piece of advice, it is just sometimes you want someone to feel proud of you. You don't need the world to validate you. In the public eye, that's the most important thing ki aap jab ghar jao, you should know your parents, loved ones, friends etc are proud of you. Their presence around makes you comfortable."

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He further shared that when Ishaqzaade released in theatres, he had nobody to celebrate with at home. "I have faced a lot. I always say tum mera kya bigad sakte ho, mera toh sab kuch lut chuka hai. I am fearless when it comes to facing the negative aspects of life. I have seen the greatest of lows being in the high. Being accepted by the industry and audience and had bonafide mainstream success with my first film but I had nobody to share it with at home. I sat alone the day the film was released because my sister was graduating, my mother had passed away and my father was with my sister in America. On the first day I sat alone at home and knew this is the rest of my life. I am going to be an actor and I had nobody to hug and share it with. I am close to my father but I have lived most of my life with my mother. When you lose a friend who is your parent it is very tough to come out." 

"She raised a mature enough child. That's why I could handle it and I feel Anshula and I did well," Arjun told.