PeepingMoon Exclusive: ‘I am not a star, neither do I want to become one nor will I ever be,’ says Amit Sadh dismissing the stardom associated with actors

Amit Sadh has become the quintessential boy of the digital platform. The actor is ruling the roost in the form of films as well as web series and he is getting accolades for his tremendous performances in Breathe: Into The Shadows, Avrodh: The Siege Within, Shakuntala Devi and Yaara. Recently, exclusively caught up with him in a video interview where the actor spoke about why the actors need to be grounded, shunning the trappings of a ‘star’ and how his angst has given way to ambition and hunger for meatier and challenging roles.

Compliment him on his remarkable web shows and films that have been released on OTT and Amit said, “Thank you for being so kind and am grateful for your words. Bada, chota kuch nahi hota, badi soch hoti hai, bada vision hota hai, mujhe aisa lagta hai ki it’s the love of the audience, the media who take their time out to showcase the real me to the world to the fans, to the country to develop a better connect, I think bada jo hai na who kudrat banati hai, log banate hain.”

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Amit also spoke about how he chooses his characters and what drives him. He said, “Either you are judgemental and cynical and if you are that then you will judge everyone in your life. Main bahut mehnat kar ke yahan tak pahuncha hoon isliye main apne parts ko nahi judge karta hoon, na main khud ko judge karta hoon and na main duniya ko judge karta hoon. However, I have a rational brain, we function from objectivity and rationality and we observe a thing that sometimes gets validated, that is a process. Coming back to the characters, I only pick roles that allow me to grow, that scares me and challenges me and then I fight with it, angst toh abhi khatam ho gayi hai so ab kuch aur use karoonga. However, hunger and ambition is very important, as long as you have hunger you will survive.

In the same refrain he dismissed the ‘star’ moniker and said, “I am not a star, haisiyat hi nahi hai, na kabhi banna hai na kabhi banenge. We need to re-educate ourselves on how we can present ourselves to the audience in a more authentic and honest way. We always think we need to re-educate the audience and that is our mistake, audience is already educated, hamein apne mein jhakna hai, apne aap ko grounded rakhna hai, apne aap ko humble rakhna hai. I watched Al Pacino’s play The Merchant of Venice. He plays Shylock in it. He completed the play and he bowed to the audience. I want to be that artiste, I want to show my masti, my junoon, my craft to the audience and after that is over I will just move on, that is my philosophy. Talking about validation, everybody needs validation, even I want it. When I was young I wanted validation from everybody but now I have learned to choose from whom I want validation. I want validation from my director, my family, my friends, my co-stars and my audience, that’s all.”

(Transcribed By: Vandana Srivastawa)