Exclusive: Sunny Kaushal reveals a hilarious incident where he filled in for Vicky Kaushal's fans!


Sunny Kaushal has been keeping busy during the Coronavirus lockdown with putting up book recommendations, singing songs and penning poems and thoughts on his social media keeping all of us highly amused as we are confined in our homes. So we thought why not get him to light our lives as well and hence, today, the actor took time out to appear on an exclusive live Instagram session with PeepingMoon.com and revealed tons of anecdotes about himself and his elder National-Award winning brother Vicky Kaushal.  

During the interaction, Sunny was asked whether he has faced any hilarious situation where fans mistook him for his elder brother Vicky. To this, Sunny shared an immensely funny incident. He recalled and said, “I was shooting for Huddang in Allahabad when some 14-15 years old girls came on the set. They came to me and said, ‘Can we have a picture with you, we’re huge fans of Vicky Kaushal, we know he is not here but can we get a picture with you since you’re his brother’.” 

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He spoke about another incident where he was given a present to pass on to Vicky. He said, “I was in Pune and someone came up to me and said that can you please give this to Vicky I’m a huge fan of his.” 

Now, that is some fan following Vicky has! We’re sure Sunny would have been happy to oblige and bask be proud of his elder bro as well.