Don’t mind playing a mother or my age on screen: Genelia Deshmukh on making her Bollywood comeback


Genelia Deshmukh, who was last seen in Hindi film, Tere Naal Love Ho Gaya and Telugu venture, Naa Ishtam, is looking forward to her big Bollywood comeback. The actress took a break from acting after her marriage to actor Riteish Deshmukh back in 2012. A mother of two - Rahyl and Riaan - Genelia, who recently recovered from COVID-19, now wants to return to films.

“When I decided to settle down I was very clear that I want to spend time with Riteish and I wanted to have my children and be around when they need me. I think now my kids are somewhat settled in their space. So I’m looking at restarting. There are so many opportunities at the moment. I’m really excited to see the kind of content we’re making,” she said.

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“After marriage, I got busy with another phase in my life and didn’t want to complicate things. I missed working but I also knew I didn’t want to be stressed and go to the sets thinking ‘oh my kids are at home, are they alright…’ I wanted to give my undivided attention to my craft because I love being an actor and there’s no two ways about it,” she added.

The actress further praised two women-led shows and said, “When I watched Delhi Crime and Aarya, I was like wow female protagonists are portraying such strong and amazing roles these days. And these are the kind of characters I connect with. If I’m coming back after long it should be worth, it should be something that I’ll enjoy with all my heart. And I don’t have any perception that I won’t play a mother or of not playing my age on screen."


About the possibility of working with Riteish, she said, “Actually he has been after me to start working. Riteish would be like ‘how long will you wait, come do a film’ (laughs). He’s happy that I’m finally ready. I would love to work him but it’s not like a condition. But, if we work together, it must be something that’s meant for us, won’t do something for the heck of it."

(Source: Hindustan Times)