Genelia says ‘COVID-19 isolation was the toughest part’, praises hubby Riteish Deshmukh for looking after their sons


Genelia Deshmukh nee D’Souza, who recently revealed that she had tested positive for COVID-19, shared her quarantine experience with a news channel. Genelia in her Instagram post shared that she tested positive even though she was asymptomatic throughout, a fact that she still can’t fathom.

She told the channel, “If I hadn't tested, I wouldn't even have known that I was positive. So, the thing is, someone in the house tested positive and as routine, we all who were in contact with him, tested. It was on August 5 and we all got tested on August 6 to see what was going on. Everyone was in close contact with me as well. So, this person happened to be in the house and he tested positive and as a routine check up, everyone in the house got tested because we were in contact with him.”


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She further said, “Never did I think I would test positive because I didn't have a cold, I didn't have a runny nose, I didn't have fever, I didn't have any of these symptoms. So, I was literally extremely confident. I was in the house, didn't go out at all.” She said that staying away from her family for 21 days in complete isolation was the toughest part. She said, “You are locked in that room and it is the toughest part. I sometimes feel it is even tougher than what you feel. Even if you are quarantined in your room, it would help. Because even hearing footsteps or one talk in the far distance keeps you a lot saner than you being all alone. I found being away from the family, being just alone, isolated, really tough.”

Genelia lavished praise on her husband Riteish Deshmukh who took care of their sons Riaan and Rahyl. She said, “Riteish took it up. We were also on this phase of distance learning and I did it more than Riteish... for three weeks he's been doing it and he did a fantastic job. Even with me, he was so worried. He was there, he was with the children."

(Source: NDTV)