Watch: Arjun Kapoor shares video of ‘OG Avenger’ Raaj Kumar rendering Thanos powerless in a hilarious spoof clip


Arjun Kapoor has shared a spoof video as proof that late veteran actor Raaj Kumar remains the original Avenger for all his fans. The man who is well-known for his dialogue delivery and powerful screen presence has become a favourite of meme makers as his films often have kickass speeches and a full-proof method of spoiling the villains’ best-laid plans. The video shows the scene from Avengers: Endgame where Iron Man takes out the Infinity Stones from Thanos’ gauntlet, rendering him powerless, only here in Iron Man is replaced by Raaj Kumar. 

The video that Arjun has shared opens with Thanos about to snap his fingers and kill half the universe. However, he is shocked when nothing happens and he looks bewilderedly at his gauntlet. He looks up to see Raaj Kumar make and entry with fused conductors in his hand and says, “Fuse conductor nikal liye hain humne Gendaswamy.” The popular scene is from the Nana Patekar’s and Raaj Kumar’s film Tirangaa


The OG Avenger Creator: @dipraj_jadhav_edits

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Sharing the video on Instagram, Arjun wrote, “The OG Avenger” with a smiling emoji. Arjun’s fans were left laughing out loud at the gag and wrote funny comments on the post. A fan reacted, “Yeah the original avenger.” Another asked, “Where do you find all these hilarious stuff.” One more wrote, “Too hilarious.”
Arjun’s social media game is probably one of the funniest and he never fails to amuse his fans. 

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