Adah Sharma's reacts to Vidyut Jammwal's 'not just friends' comment - 'We spoke about it'


Remember, when Vidyut Jammwal was aksed by a social media user if he and his Commando franchise co-star Adah Sharma 'just friends?' Well, finally the actress has a take on the same! For Adah, the term 'just friends' is very loosely thrown around, often used even for acquaintances.

Back then, Vidyut had quoted: 

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Talking about it, Adah recently shared, "Yeah, I did read that. Vidyut and me we spoke about it also. Vidyut was asked if he and I are just friends and he gave a lot of adjectives about why we are not just friends. I agree with that. The term just friends is very casually thrown around a lot, even for just acquaintances."

Adah said that for her friendship is not just restricted to sharing whatsapp messages or happy thoughts.
"For me and for a lot of people who are my actual friends, I feel very different. Friendship is not just about exchanging whatsapp forwards or talking to people at a party. Friendship is also about calling someone up when you are sad about something or sharing what's going on in your mind," she added.