Who’s that girl? Can it be Anushka Sharma?

Oh dear, have you heard this? There’s an interesting but extremely bitchy little blind item in a morning tabloid about a WAG that some Bollywood tattlers are confirming is poor Anushka Sharma. 

According to whispers in cricketing and filmi circles, the Bollywood actress and Team India captain Virat Kohli’s wife is not exactly popular with his players. And that rumour, the blind item cleverly sniggers without talking cricket and films, is not new or news at all.


But it goes on to suggests that the WAG in the story (who is referred to as the missus) is getting on the nerves of her sportsperson husband’s teammates because she chooses the hotels where they stay based on the advice of her Vastu healer. And that didn’t work so now the team wants her to back off.


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Tut-tut, if this is who we think it is, and that sportsperson is Virat, the teammates are Team India, and what didn’t work were our fortunes in the World Cup recently, why do we get the feeling that things like hotels and flight tickets are booked by the BCCI and not left to the captain and his wife? 


Anushka Sharma joining Team India in a picture at High Commission Of India

Superstitious she might be, but not sufficient to be the team hoodoo. What if it had won that semifinal and then, who knows, the final? Would the missus be hailed for picking hotels that won us matches? We doubt.  She might be picking his clothes because the sportsperson is suddenly looking natty, but from what we hear, the missus was left wondering what the umpire’s signal for a “four” meant, that’s her knowledge of the game! 

But now, with BCCI recently giving the captain and coach powers to allow or disallow WAGs on overseas tours, it does appear that the sportsperson husband and his missus will have an edge over the teammates.


(Source: PeepingMoon)