Priyanka admits she’s struggling to find a wedding gift for Meghan Markle


Quantico star Priyanka Chopra appeared live on Good Morning America (GMA) to discuss her latest projects, best career advice and the upcoming royal wedding. Introduced as the girl who is “kicking butt as an FBI agent on the popular ABC show Quantico,” PC strode in looking stunning and confident.


In her arm, she cradled her li’l pooch, Diana. She gushed a little over Diana’s popularity on social media, saying, “We put it on Instagram just coz she (Diana)’s so much fun and we do stupid stuff with her but she has like 60,000 followers!” Speaking about her ‘fur baby’, she explained, “When I found out it was Bring Your Baby To Work Day, I had major FOMO. I was like, ‘Oh my god, I don’t have a baby to bring to work… but I have Diana! She’s here.”
PC won more brownie points as she shared that Diana is a rescue from Northshore Rescue and is a mix of Chihuahua-terrier. “And she’s a really good girl,” the proud ‘mommy’ affirmed.

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They also discussed Season 3 of Quantico. After a clipping of the show was screened, she shared that she always does her own stunts. Referring to the scene, she informed, “This guy was like 6’3” and 400 pounds… and I was like, how do I make that look believable?! You use a lot of elbows and knees because that hurts. You can literally take on a guy who’s that size! But I love doing my stunts, in all my movies as well. I’ve done a lot of action movies and I trust my body a lot more, unless there’s my face going into glass or something!”

More surprises in store as a panel of kids took over as part of the GMA Takes our Kids to Work plan. The first question to come PC’s way from young Logan, was what she would be gifting her friend Meghan Markle at her wedding. PC grimaced and admitted, “I’ve been struggling with that myself!” She added, “I think you just have to think about the person you’re getting the gift for. Because really, what do you give a Princess? You think you should give a princess a frog? Most princesses like frogs!”


She also shared that though she doesn’t usually get star-struck two years ago, she and Sofia Vergara were at the same table when Meryl Streep gave her epic speech at the Golden Globes… and she pretty much made a fool of herself!

And finally, the best piece of advice she has ever received – “Respect people’s time if you want your time to be respected.”