Suhana-Juhi pic draws ‘sweet’ response from Shah Rukh


When Juhi Chawla met Suhana Khan at the screening of Ittefaq, she was so taken up with her favourite co-star’s daughter, she promptly shared a picture of them together. She captioned it, “So very lovely to meet pretty little Suhana at the screening of Ittefaq.” And is now becoming common in the virtual world, where every image of Suhana’s goes viral practically as soon as her famous father’s, this pic too was liked and shared and commented on endlessly. It even drew a reaction from Shah Rukh, who tweeted, “How sweet are these girls looking.” Clearly SRK still has a soft spot for the chirpy Chawla, whose onscreen pairing with him led to a great friendship that goes back a long way.

They had worked together in a string of films including Raju Ban Gaya Gentleman (1992), Darr (1993), Parmatma (1994) and Ram Jaane (1995). However, it was during the filming of Duplicate that they genuinely got close. Juhi had lost her mother in an accident when they were in Prague. “She left for a walk and never came back. It was very traumatic because just a day before we had reached there and three days later, after she met with an accident, we were bringing her back in a coffin. It was devastating for me,” Juhi had shared.

And through this difficult time, it was Shah Rukh who consoled her, as he already knew the pain of losing a parent. He was trying to make her laugh and forget things, and that really helped Juhi cope. As Juhi tells it, “I went through the mourning period but then I realized that the only way to come around back to life was to go back to work and I did go back for Duplicate and Yes Boss—both were with Shah Rukh. Soon, I would look forward to the day because I knew I’d see him there and somehow he’ll be fun and I’ll forget for that while what has happened and be okay with it as a bad dream. So in a way, he was special because he could just help me through that very difficult time of my life.”