Sarabhai vs Sarabhai actress Rupali Ganguli shares her road rage ordeal on Twitter


Popular TV actress Rupali Ganguli underwent an ordeal on Friday when she along with her minor son and 20-year-old caretaker became victims of road rage. However, the ‘saddest part’ according to the actress was the onlookers' apathy. The television actress sustained injuries on her left arm when two men hurled abuses at her and smashed her car’s window after her vehicle brushed against their bike. The Sarabhai vs Sarabhai actress shared her plight on Twitter and hailed the spirit of Mumbai Police who nabbed the assailants.

It is a popular psychological stance called the ‘bystander effect’ where people are less likely to offer help to a victim and intervene in a wrongdoing when other people are also present. The major factors that contribute to this behaviour are ambiguity, cohesiveness and a state of not willing to take up responsibility. The police soon caught Rupali’s attackers but she and her child are still reeling from the nightmare that they underwent. In a series of tweets, Rupali shared her horrific details.

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Apparently, Rupali took her foot off the brake while turning back to face her son at the Bharat Nagar signal junction in Andheri West at 8.30 am on Friday, and the car moved a little ahead and brushed against a motorbike. She said that she didn’t even realize that her car had touched the assailants’ bike until one of them started banging on the bonnet. The men have been identified as Mahesh Mokal, 30, and Akash Dhatkar, 22, did not relent and kept threatening Rupali who did not want to get into a brawl and had already apologized for the folly.

Dhatkar, then smashed the window of the car which resulted in Rupali sustaining an injury in her hand and her son started to scream looking at the blood oozing out from her hand. The actress lodged a complaint at the Versova police station and the assailants were soon nabbed. On being caught the bullies were highly repentant and so were their mothers. However, Rupali is scared of retaliation now and feels that these men should mend their ways at least for their mothers.