Surbhi Chandna sets new pastel trend among brides, blends tradition with modernity

In a moment that resonated with timeless beauty and grace, Surbhi Chandna, renowned for her charm and talent, mesmerized the world as she walked down the aisle in a pastel pistachio green lehenga, epitomizing elegance and allure. The diva's choice of attire, so unique and out of the box, set her apart as the most beautiful bride ever.

What made her lehenga extra special was the fact that in this era of pastel trends where every other bride is opting for a pastel pink or red, Surbhi went completely out of the box and chose a colour we couldn’t have imagined being so stunning and drop dead gorgeous for your big day! The charm and sophistication radiated a sense of understated luxury and modernity. The intricate craftsmanship and delicate embellishments adorned her silhouette setting the trend bar very high for all the summer brides out there!


From her chooda to jewellery, Surbhi's bridal look achieved sheer perfection through the meticulous selection of jewellery and makeup. Yet, what truly mesmerised us was that bridal glow which was radiating from her core and brightening every corner of the lavish venue. It emanated from her love, joy, and excitement of embarking on a new journey with her beloved Karan Sharma. Her smile, reflecting pure happiness, added an additional layer of enchantment to the entire scene, captivating everyone with her unmatched beauty and grace.