Temptation Island pair Chetna Pande and Nishank Swami get each other's names tattooed

In an era where relationships often navigate the complexities of undefined boundaries and uncertain commitments, popular Bollywood couple Chetna Pande and Nishank Swami have emerged as a beacon of true love, boldly expressing their commitment uniquely and timelessly—by getting tattoos of each other.

After Temptation Island India the couple were spending their vacations in Amsterdam and amidst the ambiguity that often characterises modern romantic connections, Chetna and Nishank have chosen to signify their unwavering love through the art of permanent ink.


Chetna Pande, known for her versatile roles in the entertainment industry, and Nishank Swami, a director with a penchant for creative expression, have captured the attention of fans and admirers with their bold declaration of commitment. In a world where relationships often play out in the public eye, tattoos become not only a declaration of love but also a source of inspiration for those navigating the complexities of modern romance.

Nishank said, "Love in this generation have various names now but for me, school love is what is believe in. After Temptation Island India many things changed but with time our love for each other went deeper and deeper. While we were in Amsterdam spending our vaccinations, we decided to do this tattoo and to me you should always let the universe  know about the person you love."

Chetna stated, "In today's world, where your feelings and emotions have become so short-tempered, a love like this is very rare to find. There was a time I lost faith in love, but the distance which me and Nishank had after Temptation Island India brought us even closer. We always wanted to visit Amsterdam but never thought I would be making my first tattoo and that too of Nishank's name. This is indeed a special moment for me."

As the couple share the picture of the tattoo exchange on their social media handles, their journey becomes a symbol of hope for those who believe in the enduring power of true love. In a landscape where relationships can often be defined by uncertainty, Chetna Pande and Nishank Swami stand as a testament to genuine connections still prevail, transcending the challenges posed by the modern situationship.