Addite Shirwaikar Malik reveals why she chose to give birth to son Ekbir through C-section in her motherhood diaries

Addite Shirwaikar Malik’s and Mohit Malik’s son, Ekbir, turned a month old on May 29. The couple had welcomed their baby boy on April 29. Today, one month after her son’s birth, Addite took to Instagram to share notes from her motherhood diaries. She shared that she received many queries from fans asking about her ‘birthing journey’ and hence she chose to begin by sharing why she opted to give birth via C-section.

Taking to Instagram and sharing a picture with her son, she wrote, “Motherhood Diaries, Chapter 1: C-Section. A lot of you have been asking me about my birthing journey and so here I am today sharing it so that I can tell you that please go with your instinct. Two days before I gave birth to @ekbirmalik , I couldn’t feel his movements and I had really been feeling uneasy. My doctor said that everything looked ok and we could wait but my heart, my instinct told me something is wrong. I was admitted in the hospital and ultimately, we had a C-Section. Now many may judge and say that I was wrong, that I should have waited, that I should have had a normal delivery. Yes I had wanted a normal delivery, its what I had envisioned for myself. But nothing mattered more than my child and my instinct told me that my child needed to be out. Ekbir had a cord around his neck which later explained the uneasiness I had. He would have still been fine but I know my heart said that for the safety of my child, he needed to come into this world. Its been a month of healing, a month of motherhood, a month of telling myself that as a mother the best gift I have is my instinct, my mother instinct that shall always tell me what is right for my child. Urging all of you mothers to do the same, go with what your heart says, remember your heart will always place your child over everything else!”

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She further added and wrote, “P.S.: I will continue sharing more chapters from my motherhood journey with you all because there’s nothing more beautiful in life than this journey for me right now. #csection #csectionrecovery #birthing #mother #motherinstinct #onemonthofmotherhood #motherhoodunplugged #motherhoodiaries #becomingamom #ekbirkimom.”

Even today, when medical science has improved by leaps and bounds, women are looked down upon and given a lot of grief if they give birth via C-section in India and many women as well as children lose their lives because family members don’t agree for a caesarean delivery and wait for a normal one. With Addite's message, hopefully people will understand better. 

(Source: Instagram)