Nikki Tamboli shares a heartbreaking post about her brother Jatin's demise, says 'each day is difficult to live'


On May 4, Nikki Tamboli lost her brother Jatin Tamboli to COVID-19. He was admitted to the hospital and the actress had urged fans to pray for his well-being. However, a few days later, Jatin passed away. Announcing the heartbreaking news, Nikki penned down an emotional note as she bid farewell to her brother. 

Now, the actress, who is currently in Cape Town for Khatron Ke Khiladi 11, said that she is sobbing herself to sleep almost every night. The BB 14 finalist shared a note on Instagram and wrote, "I miss my brother so much and I am sobbing myself to sleep almost every night. Few people whom I know tell me that it was his time to go and I should be glad that he's not in emotional pain anymore and not sick anymore and that I have to let him go but my mind doesn't want to accept that."

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Nikki continued, "I just want to be able to talk to my brother and when I say this to my friends they say me that I still can, but it's not the same.....The y are just not understanding or listening to how I am feeling. I knew my brother my whole life, we were very close and we always protected each other from the other family members and I had to look after him for most of his life even when I wasn't around. I kind of felt like my brother's sister and mum. My mum and father just keep saying that I am strong one in the family and she could have never gone through my and she expects me to be ok now and feeling strong now. I don't feel strong at all now. I feel like everything is too hard and I just feel each day is difficult to live. I haven't expected my brother's death (sic.)"

On her Instagram stories, Nikki revealed that her brother was only 29 and was admitted to the hospital 20 days ago. One of his lungs failed and battled COVID-19 with the other. However, due to pneumonia, his heart couldn't function any longer. 

(Source: Instagram)