I have never beaten Shweta Tiwari but she has hit me with a stick: Estranged husband Abhinav Kohli


After Shweta Tiwari's explosive interview, her estranged husband Abhinav Kohli has lashed out at the actress, revealing that she was the one who once beat him. In an interview, Abhinav said that their troubles began after Palak, Shweta's daughter from a previous marriage, demanded that he leave their house. Abhinav revealed that he hasn't seen his son since October 2020.

When asked if he has ever beaten Shweta up, he said, "I have never beaten Shweta apart from that slap which Palak herself has mentioned in that open letter. And I had already apologised for that slap to both of them. This whole thing is just a confusion created by Shweta just to prove that I used subjected her to domestic violence which is not true. I have never been a woman beater.  In her latest interview again she is saying ki Abhinav ne bola ek aurat ki izzat utarna kitna aasan hai. So she is just trying to make my image bad by saying that Abhinav is anti-woman, he doesn't respect women. Whereas I have never disrespected her in any of my interviews or a social media post. In all my posts, I am just posting what has been the fact. On the contrary to her claims, Shweta has hit me with a stick."

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Elaborating on his accusations, Abhinav continued, "In 2017, when we had  a fight and she separated me from my child for three months, I tried to meet my child. And I have also shared a photo on my Instagram where you can see that black mark below my eyes. Shweta also has CCTV footage of that incident as she had written a letter to the society asking for it as evidence for that fight. In her latest interview Shweta says I also get provoked but I have not hit anybody. But she has hit me and when she did that to me nobody came to know as I didn't go to the media and said anything or ran away from my child which she has been doing. From 2017, I have been suffering because of all this but I never spoke about it. You hit me, used your daughter to put a wrong allegation on me who was brought up by this very man, created a wrong image in front of the world."

Shweta was first married to actor Raja Chaudhary. They welcomed Palak in 2000 and after 9 years of marriage, Shweta and Raja parted ways due to domestic abuse. The actress later married Abhinav in 2013 and welcomed their son Reyansh in 2016. 

(Source: SpotboyE)