TKSS: Ashutosh Rana talks about his beautiful love story with Renuka Shahane; reveals he proposed to her with a poetry


This Sunday The Kapil sharma Show will be an overdose of laughter and entertainment for the viewers as Ashutosh Rana and Renuka Shahane, the supremely talented couple of Bollywood, will grace the sets. As the couple is recognized for their versatility in acting, they will be seen sharing a lot of unknown facts about their life and journey. The couple will be seen enjoying and laughing on the punches by exceptionally talented cast of the show. It will be a fun packed weekend for the viewers

During a candid session, Ashutosh revealed some unknown facts about the first meeting between him and Renuka Shahane. He said, “Hansal Mehta ki film ‘Jayate’ ka preview tha Sumit theatre mei toh mai Rajeshwari Sachdev aur Tejaswini Kolhapure ko sath lekar gaya. Vahan gaye toh pata chala Rajeshwari aur Renuka ji bahut ache dost the aur mai Renuka ji ka prashansak tha. Sailaab (serial) uss time aa rha tha aur inki film Hum Aapke Hain Koun bhi aagai thi toh mai inke kaam se mutassir tha. Bada prabhavit tha. Jab inse mulakaat hui toh hum takreeban aadhe ghanta tak aapas mei baat karte rhe aur kaaafi humare vichar mil rahe the. Aur bahar nikle jab hum raat mei, uss din Itwaar tha (Sunday). Maine pucha aap kahan rehti hain? Toh inhone kaha mai Dadar rehti hun. Toh maine pucha aap kaise jaengi? Aapke pass car nahi hai? Toh ye boli ki nahi aaj Itvaar hai toh Itvaar ko hum apne staff ko chutti dete hain. Aur mai gaadi chalana nahi jaanti. Humne inse kaha ki mai aapko chodh du? Inhone merse pucha ki aap kahan rehte hain? Maine kaha mai Chembur rehta hun. Toh inhone merse kaha ki mai Mumbai mei pali badi hun, janam mera yahan hua hai, maine aaj tak koi aisa raasta nahi dekha jo Juhu se via Dadar Chembur jata ho. Fir inhone mujhe kaha aap pareshaan na hoiye meri aadat hai mai chali jaungi” Everyone burst into laughter.

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He further shared, that director Ravi Rai wanted to do a show with both of them but he took the opportunity to ask Ravi for Renuka’s phone number. That’s when he got to know about a protocol that Renuka used to follow which Ravi explained. Renuka never answered the phone post 10 in the night nor take the call from an unknown number. One had to leave a message on the answering machine stating their name and other details. Keeping in mind these protocols, Ashutosh left a message for Renuka on her answering machine whishing her for Dushera. What he refrained from doing is leaving his contact number thinking if she wants to talk to him, she will also try and find his number. As luck may have it, he received a message from his sister that Renuka had called and had thanked him for Dushera wishes. The messages continued for a bit after which Renuka shared her personal number with Ashutosh and then Ashutosh explained what happened.

Ashutosh said, “ Maine usi din raat ko 10:30 baje inhe call kardia aur kaha Thank you Renuka ji aapne apna number de dia. Aur aise teen mahine hum phone a friend khelte rahe.”

The actual proposal was however too cute! While Ashutosh loved poetry, Renuka loved prose. Ashutosh thought of writing a poem for her thinking if she’s interested and actually into him, he will get an answer, if not, there wont be scope for rejection as well. At the time, Ashutosh was shooting in Hyderabad and Renuka in Goa. When he read out the poem for her, Renuka replied saying she loves him. However, this is what Ashutosh replied, “Aap laut kar aaiye fir iss vishya par or baat krenge.”  And the rest they say is history. They have been happily married for years!