Salman Khan makes for the most successful host of Bigg Boss, here's how!

The Indian television reality show 'Bigg Boss' has struck the right chord with the audiences. While it is well known that the reality show has become a household name among the masses, the major credit for this goes to the host and megastar Salman Khan, who has consistently given rock-solid TRPs to the show. Salman Khan's connection with the masses is unmatched, and the audiences love to watch him, be it on-screen or on the television screen. 

It's been more than a decade since Salman Khan was associated with the blockbuster reality show. Salman's collaboration with Bigg Boss paved the path for the television reality show on a global scale, and the megastar changed the landscape of the show with his aura, hosting skills, and presence. While every year, the show is in the headlines for several reasons, the one main factor that stands out is Salman Khan's dominance in Bigg Boss, which has helped the show register massive TRps every year.

Salman Khan donned the hat of the host for Bigg Boss from season 4, and his entry into the show registered at 3.60 in the TRPs session. The magic of Salman Khan continued into season five, and for the first time in history, the show has a rating of 4.30, which is the highest of all the Bigg Boss seasons to date. No other season has a TRP above 4.

The sixth season, hosted by Salman Khan, maintained the TRP graph, and the show got higher ratings of 4.24, which is higher than season 5. The next season, the seventh, again proved Salman Khan's megastardom, and it ended with 4.80 TRP. 

The eighth season continued Salman Khan as the host, and it got 3.80 ratings. The ninth season also proved to be successful, with a rating of 3.18. While the tenth season spotted ratings of 3,82, the eleventh season registered a massive jump and gained 8.93 whooping TRP ratings, while the rest of the seasons, from twelve to seventeenth, continued the legacy set by megastar Salman Khan.

It can't be denied that Salman Khan transported the larger number of audiences to the television sector, and the TRPs of Bigg Boss are testimony to that. Salman Khan's connection with the masses and the way he hosts the show also stamp the fact that he is the most relevant host for the show, and having been part of the show for 14 years also makes evident that he continues to remain the most loved host for the reality show.