Bigg Boss OTT: Raqesh Bapat leaves Shamita Shetty speechless as he confesses his feelings for her, says 'I love you' in French


Raqesh Bapat and Shamita Shetty or 'ShaRa,' as fans lovingly call the Bigg Boss OTT contestants never shy away from admitting their liking for each other. However, recently Raqesh took their relationship to another level as he left Shamita speechless by saying 'I love you' to her in French. 

In a video uploaded by a fan on Twitter, Raqesh and Shamita Shetty are seen sitting on a bed, when Shamita began playfully choking him. “Kill me, I don't want to live,” he said sarcastically, in Hindi. “What is your problem?” she asked, and he replied, “You are my biggest problem. When I get out of here, I'll have to rely on alcohol to help me bear you.” “Say something nice,” Shamita told him, and after Raqesh sat silently for several moments, she yelled, “You're taking so long to say something nice, you a**.” Raqesh told her to let him think, as he wanted to word himself correctly. “Because I don't word myself correctly, people get hurt,” he said. She said, “You don't say nice things about me very often,” and Raqesh replied, “I should be able to see nice behaviour first.”

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After Shamita prodded him for compliments a little more forcefully, Raqesh said, “Je t'aime” which means ‘I love you’ in French. Shamita was shocked. She asked, “Do you even know what je t'aime means?” Raqesh said he does, which left her speechless. “I can't top that,” he said. 

Recently, Shamita's mother Sunanda Shetty visited the BB OTT house and praised Raqesh by calling him sweet and a true gentleman. 

(Source: Twitter)