Rakhi Sawant pees in her pants after Arshi Khan blocks the toilet during ‘lockout task’


Bigg Boss 14’s latest episode saw the inmates divided into two teams with Rubina Dilaik as the captain of the Red team and Rahul Vaidya heading the Yellow team. During the task, Arshi Khan held a common toilet near the smoking room and refused to let anyone else enter which made Rakhi Sawant pee in her pants. Rakhi could not control ‘nature’s call’ and soiled her dress, after which she told Rubina of her predicament and asked her not to reveal it to anyone by showing her wet dress.

Later, Rubina used a strategy and decided to help Rakhi out. She asked her to go inside the house to change her undergarments and outfit. It cost her team a few units as per the task, but she still put her teammates’ wellbeing over anything else.


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The task was named ‘lockout’ wherein Bigg Boss took over the entire house. There were yellow tapes saying ‘do not cross’ spread across the house and the contestants were forbidden to access anything that belonged to Bigg Boss. Rubina’s team members were Abhinav Shukla, Rakhi, Vikas Gupta and Devoleena. The yellow team was headed by Rahul Vaidya and it comprised Arshi Khan, Nikki, Aly Goni and Sonali Phogat

During the task, all the housemates were required to stay in the garden area and could not go inside and if they did, a point would be deducted from their team. The winning team will be given the power to purchase eatables from the BB Mall. Nikki, who was part of Rahul’s team decided to switch sides and support her friends Rubina and Abhinav. She was the first one to give up and enter the house to make the other team win.

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