Asim Riaz calls Arti Singh Sidharth Shukla's 'fixed deposit', Kashmera Shah lashes out saying 'who the hell are you'


Bigg Boss 13 contestant Arti Singh has been one of the most dignified and cultured contestants in the show. While Arti has always stood up for her friends in the house and pointed out any wrongdoings, in turn, she has unfortunately at times not received such kind of support and love.

And that was proven last night when after the 'Spider' task was cancelled and the contestants got into an ugly spat with each other because of that, in the heat of moment Asim called Arti Sidharth Shukla's 'fixed deposit' in a very wrong manner and contestant Shefali Jhariwala even went on to say that it was Arhaan who had initially used this term with Rashmi in one such conversation! While Arti's fan and well-wishers who were absolutely livid on hearing this comment have gone all out supporting the actress on social media, her family too has come out and spoken in support of her!

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Sister in law Kashmera who took to Twitter to express her views on the same is also extremely upset with the comment passed! In a very angry tweet, Kashmera said, "Who the hell is calling Arti Sidharth's fixed deposits!? Just say this in front of me and see what kind of deposits I make you do! Don't cry Arti, noone here is worth your tears! Sad sad sad!"

Well, we will only have to wait and watch to see what happens in tonight's episode. 

(Source: Twitter)