Bigg Boss 13 Day 74 Preview: Housemates feel Bigg Boss should send Vishal Aditya Singh and Madhurima Tuli to jail


A few connections in the house are beyond the game and the same was witnessed when Paras and Sidharth had to leave the house for their treatments. Sidharth Shukla who has been keeping unwell for a long time now was shifted to a secret room for his betterment. But now on the advice of doctors, Sidharth is taken out of the house for his treatment.  

But Paras’ entry in the house has broken the foundation of many relationships. Showing everyone the mirror,  Paras questioned Shefali Jariwala and Vishal’s intentions yesterday. He also gets into a fight with Shefali Bagga because he wants his bed back and she has no intention of obliging. 

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Later, Bigg Boss announces the nominations for Jail where the discussion leads to personal attacks and accusations. Majority of the  housemates raise fingers at Vishal and Madhurima as they are focusing more on their personal problems rather than the game. Vishal and Rashmi have a major argument when Vishal comments on Rashami and Sidharth getting close to each other in the music video task. This did not go down well with Rashmi and she lashes at him for such baseless allegations. 

Rashmi later in a private conversation expresses her unhappiness to Arhaan. She tells him that he is not supporting or taking her stand when it’s required. On the other hand Asim too gets upset with Shefali Jariwala for not supporting him enough in the luxury task against Paras. 

(Source: Agencies)