Bigg Boss 13 Day 66 Highlights: Bigg Boss nominates Sidharth Shukla for the next two weeks; Paras Chhabra exits for medical reasons


The new episode began with the housemates gearing up for the next round of the ongoing captaincy task titled BB Junction. As soon as the buzzer rang, Paras Chhabra, who was the sanchalak for the task, disqualified Shefali Jariwala without stating a valid reason. Paras told Bigg Boss that Shefali didn't follow the instructions in the rulebook and missed boarding the train. On this decision, the housemates called him unfair, but he failed to pay heed to anybody's opinion. Moments later, Hindustani Bhau and Mahira Sharma skip the train but then Mahira boarded as she was carrying Bhau’s bag and wanted to give it a shot for the sake of their friendship. 

A while later, Paras took the wrong decision and disqualified Arhaan Khan and Hindustani Bhau. Arhaan and Hindustani Bhau called him a cheater. The former then got into a heated argument with Paras. Rashami Desai tried to calm Arhaan down but of no help. The actor told Rashami that he wanted to give up. Soon, Rashami took charge of things and left everyone surprised by damaging the stuff required for the task. Meanwhile, Asim Riaz and Himanshi Khurana spoke with each other. The latter was heard telling the former that it is high time she makes an exit from the house so that he can concentrate on the game. Asim then told Himanshi that his focus on the game has improved ever since she entered into the house. 

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Later during the day, Arti Singh informed about her injured finger and blamed Asim for the same. Arti then told Sidharth Shukla about the injury. Sidharth began asking Asim about it repeatedly and was heard saying, "Dum nahi raha mardo se ladne ka?" When Sidharth started calling Asim 'toy boy', Hindustani Bhau asked him to filter his language. Vishal Aditya Singh told Sidharth, "Aapko na dosti nibhani ati hai, na game.” Hindustani Bhau asked the girls of the house to stand up against Sidharth and his misogynistic statements.

Bigg Boss, on seeing the situation go out of control, cancelled the task and nominated Sidharth for the next two weeks owing to his unlikely behaviour. Bigg Boss further told that Paras has to make an exit owing to his injured finger that needs immediate medical attention. On hearing this, Shehnaaz Kaur Gill got emotional and confessed her love for Paras.


After an eventful day, the contestants woke up to ‘Dhoom Machale Dhoom’ the next day. Mahira refused to cook breakfast and Arhaan and Rashami took it upon themselves to prepare breakfast for everyone. On the other hand, Sidharth spoke his heart out to Shehnaaz and told her that the game is going to get tough for him as he is now playing against 11 people and everyone has turned against him for some reason or the other. He assured that if she flips or changes sides he won’t be upset and that he would always understand her decision knowing that the game can get tougher and everyone has to survive.

(Source: Colors)