Bigg Boss 12 Written Update Day 84: Romil and Somi are given a reality check on their relationship by their family members


As the family week in the house continued everyone was happy and chirpy as they were excited to meet their loved ones after a long time. However, it was not that pleasant for a few in the house. Surbhi has been constantly at the receiving end of the family members of the housemates. After Bhuvneshwari bashing her yesterday Surbhi managed to keep her clam but today when Romil’s wife too asked her to keep her tongue in check she broke down bitterly.

Romil was also not left too happy with his wife and son’s visit with the way his wife asked about Somi being his sister and also telling her that she had got a gift for her for Bhaidooj. While she was subtle Saba made it loud and clear to both of them that they should concentrate more on the game rather than giving importance to each other. Finally, Dipika too got to see her husband Shoaib and the two seized the moment for each other.

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Here’s all that happened in the Bigg Boss house: 

The show started with Teejay in the house with her twins. The girls were so cute that I am sure just like housemates and me a lot of people went aww. It was heartbreaking to see when Bigg Boss asked Teejay to leave and one of the daughters thought that KV was also coming with them. When they realized that their father was not accompanying them they were sad and started crying. She couldn’t understand why her father was not responding to her. KV also couldn’t hold back his emotions as he was paused when his family was leaving. The housemates consoled KV.

As KV was hiding the homemade food Teejay had given him, Bigg Boss asked KV to pause. Deepak and Rohit come and took the packet away from him to savor the dish. Romil talked to himself and Surbhi, Somi, Deepak, KV and Rohit overheard him. Deepak went and clarified things with him.

Bigg Boss seemed to be loving the control he has on the housemates as he paused them in awkward moments. Surbhi was asked to pause when she was singing and dancing. Deepak and others did funny things to her. Later Deepak was asked to pause and rewind and Surbhi and others soaked him in cold water. As everyone was getting dressed Somi discussed with Romil about what she should wear. Romil complimented her as she got ready. Later Rohit and Romil spoke about her makeup and she asked them to not do that. Somi came out to ask Romil to have breakfast and Rohit pulled her leg saying she needs to let Romil take rest and not bother him.

In the afternoon Romil’s wife Diksha entered the house with their son. Since Romil was on pause, she went to other housemates to talk. She went to Somi and thanked her for standing my Romil through thick and thin. She also said that if ever he would have had a younger sister she would be like her. Diksha told her that the last time she came she had bought a bhaidooj gift for her and forgot to give her.

She promised to give to Somi with Romil when she is out of the house. Diksha went to Surbhi and asked her to mind her tongue when things go kaput in an old relationship. She then told Deepak that to be with Romil and clear misunderstandings with him. Romil was released and he introduced her to Somi saying she is the most beautiful girl and Diksha said but as a younger sister. He introduced her to Sree and Dipika. Finally, Diksha bid adieu to her husband and advised him to play for himself.

Post Diksha’s visit Somi spoke to the camera and thanked her for her kind words. Surbhi on the other hand broke down bitterly. Dipika tried to calm her and she apologized to her for her behavior. Sreesanth cheered Surbhi and she calmed down.

The next to enter the house was Saba Khan. She complimented Somi for her game and said that Somi was a strong girl. Since Somi was paused she went to Deepak and praised him for his game. Saba then thanked Surbhi to stand by Somi in the house. Somi went to Sree and said that when she saw the footage outside she hated him but when Somi was low and he pepped Somi and made her feel that she was strong he won her heart. She even went to Dipika and said that she was not at all fake.

Somi was  weeping and Saba went to Romil not with a praise but with a piece of advice for him. Saba told him that people often misunderstand relationship between a man and woman. For them either they are brother sister or husband wife and nothing as friends. She asked him to focus on his game. Somi by this time was released and Bigg Boss had released Romil too. Saba was then asked to say goodbye.

Somi felt hurt over her sister’s reality check and apologized to her family. Outside Romil discussed the same with Deepak and said that he will make a safe distance from Somi. Deepak advised him to not do things that he does with Somi as that could me perceived wrong. Somi asked Rohit to not crack jokes on him and Romil anymore. Romil said his father also did not come as he must be upset seeing and hearing all this. Somi and Romil finally had a chat and decided to create a safe distance from each other.

After all the turmoil finally Dipika’s wait for Shoaib was over. He made a romantic entry as he recited a poem for her. Shoaib hugged his beloved wife. He told her that he was missing her and they both held each other in their arms and Dipika kept crying. Shoaib told her that she was being targeted only because she was strong.

He then went up to Sree and thanked him for being by his wife’s side. He told him that Dipika is not very close to everyone and hence he understands their bond. Shoaib addressed Sree as his brother-in-law. Shoaib told Romil that his joke was in bad humour but is half that they have made up. Shoaib then advised Surbhi to do things in the last few weeks that will make people love her and remember her in a positive way.

With this, the show came to an end and the preview showed nominations for the week taking place tomorrow. Who do you think deserves to be nominated this week? Leave your answers below and keep reading this space for more.